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madagascar agriculture
21 August 2017

(Ecofin Agency) - Launched in 2005 with a financial support from the World Bank, Madagascar’s land reform has yielded satisfying results, the Bretton Woods institution said on its website.

Many other countries could follow Madagascar’s example. Actually, various African nations are already showing interest in the Malagasy land reform as it tackles key challenges and provide technical and legal solutions which are reliable and accessible,” explains André Teyssier, land specialist at the World Bank.

Reports & Research
December 2004

This report is the fruit of collaboration between ILC, IFAD and FAO. It provides information on the historical background of the Convention and its Optional Protocol, the working methods of the Committee, as well as a summary of information provided in reports of selected countries. NOTE: See also the 2010 update of this document.

Reports & Research
December 2014

On 18 October 2014 the Myanmar government released a much-awaited draft national land use policy. Land and how it is governed is of fundamental importance for Myanmar society. The current laws mainly benefit private companies and not small-holder farmers in the country, who represent more then 75% of the population. The current laws also do not respect traditional and customary practices of the country's ethnic minority groups. This new TNI briefing examines the draft national land policy and assesses whether it is pro-business or pro-poor.

Institutional & promotional materials
December 2015

Over the past decade, Laos has experienced a land rush by foreign investors seeking to gain large tracts of land for hydropower, mining, and plantation projects. The rapid pace of the phenomenon has prompted signif icant concern by international observers, Lao civil society, and certain sections of the government, regarding the impacts upon farmers that are dispossessed of their land and communal resources. However, both investors and peasant communities alike have differing experiences with the investment process.

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Reports & Research
January 2011

The International Land Coalition (ILC) has commissioned this present report to analyse the illegal/irregular acquisition of land by Kenya’s elites to ascertain the types of land affected, the processes used to acquire land, and the profiles of the perpetrators, as well as to identify the victims and the impacts of land grabbing.

28 June 2017



Voice is a new innovative grant facility that supports the most marginalised and discriminated people in ten low- and lower-middle income countries in Africa and Asia. It aims to amplify and connect thus far unheard voices in efforts to leave no one behind.

Voice stands out from other grant-making programmes by developing a grant application and reporting process adapted to the five target groups and four grant types and that is accessible, user-friendly and innovative.

Policy Papers & Briefs
June 2017

Harnessing Political Economy Analysis

19 May 2017
Cape Verde

 Cabo Verde apesar de ter feito muito para a promoção da mulher necessita ter uma abordagem mais holística e mais integrada, visando um “salto qualitativo” para o seu empoderamento e qualidade de vida das famílias, recomenda documento hoje apresentado.

O documento de estratégia do país, do Banco Africano de Desenvolvimento (BAD) e da ONU Mulheres, denominado “Perfil de Género de Cabo Verde”, foi hoje apresentado na Cidade da Praia.