land transactions

Taking the land without encumbrances

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June 2013

Liberia’s government seeks to put greater emphasis on integrated cash/food crop systems with broad-based farmer participation. However, shortcomings in regulations on land transactions could threaten livelihoods in what is already a vulnerable country.

Del páramo al subtrópico: el caso de la Comuna Maca Grande, Recinto El Palmar

Reports & Research
June 2014

El caso de la “Asociación de Maca Grande del Recinto El Palmar” remite a familias que viniendo de otra área rural, optan por un proceso migratorio campo-campo, accediendo a la tierra vía compra para dedicarle a la lechería

Políticas de Tierras vigentes en el Perú - Laureano del Castillo. CEPES (octubre 2014)

Policy Papers & Briefs
July 2015

El presente documento contiene una breve sistematización de las políticas vigentes en el Perú en torno al acceso y control de la tierra por parte de pequeños agricultores y comunidades. Su lectura debe complementar la del documento sobre legislación, preparado igualmente para el Movimiento por la Tierra en Sudamérica.

China to allow land transfer under new rural land reforms

By: NT
Date: November 2nd 2016
Source: The Navhind Times

Beijing: China has initiated a new set of land reforms changing the 30-year-old system to permit transfer of land rights to individuals or conglomerates, a politically sensitive move as the Communist country embarked on urban expansion shedding its agrarian past.

South Africa: State pleads ignorance over probe into multimillion-rand land claim ‘scam’

By: Sizwe Sama Yende
Date: November 1st 2016
Source: City Press

Criminal charges have been laid relating to one of the biggest land claim scams in the country – potentially costing the government millions – but the rural development and land reform department says it knows nothing about it.

Forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan opened a criminal case on October 14 regarding the inflation of land prices in the Badplaas area.

China loosens land transfer rules to spur larger, more efficient farms

By: Elias Glenn and Kevin Yao
Date: November 3rd 2016
Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

China has relaxed rules to allow farmers to transfer their land rights to help promote more efficient, large-scale farms, amid an exodus of farm workers to the cities.

The authorities on Sunday recommended separating various rights to rural land, which they say would improve land circulation, increase farmers' incomes, and contribute to the development of modern agriculture.

Opening up land contracts and land data ... with caution

This is a contribution to our ongoing debate 'Open Data and Land Governance: Increased accountability and transparency as a means to overcoming poverty?'. Join in and ad your voice to the discussion!

By Kaitlin Cordes, Head of Land and Agriculture at the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment

CCSI calls for disclosure of land tenure risks in submission to SEC

Tenure-related disputes increase financial risks for companies in land-dependent sectors. The “land tenure risks” that companies confront, either through direct acquisition of land or through their supply chains, are thus of great relevance for informed voting and investment decisions. Given the importance of understanding these risks, the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI) has sent a submission to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to provide input into how land tenure risks could be addressed through disclosure requirements for public companies.

Managing Urban Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa

August 2012

This article addresses the problems of
governance in municipalities in Africa. The concern has been
to adapt traditional systems of governance to the needs of
modern urban management. This article investigates the need
for a new analysis of the twin problems of urban land and
urban management in sub-Saharan Africa. This need is based
on the apparent paradox between the dynamic, city-creating
activities of civil societies in all of these countries, and