land tax

A tax on the amount of land owned.

Reports & Research
December 1986

This paper examines a process - the spontaneous enclosure of the range by livestock owners - which may rise new problems but also permit new approaches to the development of the African livestock industry. Drawing on case material from Sudan and Somalia, the opening section of the paper discusses some of the spontaneous range enclosure.

8 November 2017
Ivory Coast

Date: 7 novembre 2017


Le Directeur général des Impôts, Ouattara Sié Abou, a procédé mardi au lancement de la quatrième campagne de sensibilisation à la déclaration et au payement de l’impôt foncier au titre de l’année 2007, dans le hall de la Tour E de la cité administrative au Plateau.

23 October 2017

Date : 19 octobre 2017

Source : Farmlandgrab

Le président de la Banque africaine de développement (BAD), Akinwumi Adesina, demande la mise en place d’un impôt sur les terres agricoles non exploitées ou sous-exploitées, afin d’inciter à une commercialisation plus rapide des produits agricoles et de libérer tout le potentiel agricole en Afrique.

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December 2011

Taxes are the price you pay for civilization. Taxes provide government revenues, and those who pay them have a stake in the system and in how government spends its money. Taxes are lifeblood of a stable and prosperous society. In the wake of the global economic downturn levying tax in even more difficult. With large structural deficits in the big developed economies, fiscal policy has never been under so much public scrutiny.

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December 2012

The objectives of the study are to provide data which can be compared between economies on a like-for-like basis; to facilitate the benchmarking of tax systems within relevant economic and geographical groupings, which can provide an opportunity to learn from peer group economies; and to enable an in-depth analysis of the results which can be used to help identify good practices and possible reforms. The private sector plays an essential role in contributing to economic growth and prosperity.

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September 2011
Eastern Asia

In 2010, after two decades of rapid economic growth, Vietnam passed the threshold to become a lower-middle-income economy. Sustained market-oriented reforms combined with intensive efforts to integrate into the world economy are among the key drivers of this achievement. The reform of tax policy and administration has been a vital part of this transition. This is leading to a fundamental change in the composition of taxpayers, from large state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and foreign-invested companies to a myriad of small and medium private enterprises.

south africa township
29 August 2017
South Africa
Hong Kong

Last month, the South African Independent Electoral Commission announced in frustration that it needs USD 22.9 million to collect addresses ahead of a court-mandated deadline, a problem compounded by the fact that most townships don’t have well-marked street names.

kazakhstan land reform
21 August 2017

The collapse of the Soviet Union gave rise to a vast archipelago of unclaimed man-made objects and land in Russia and beyond. Thousands upon thousands of roads, bridges, water pipes, gas pipes, power grids, cemeteries, farmland, and more have passed from state hands to no one in the last 26 years. These assets aren’t just lying around. They’re being used.

Policy Papers & Briefs
December 2012

In course of the research there were considered the problems of the land taxation. Special role of land tax in the system of rationalization of land use was revealed. The experiences of different countries about land taxes were analyzed. As a result of realized research it was offered the transformation of the taxation system of immovable, including the land, based on imposition of single tax on the immovable for the conditions of the Republic of Belarus.