land rights activists

12 October 2017

Deaths of environmental activists locked in conflict with mining, logging and agricultural companies across three continents has passed 150

• Interactive: recording the deaths of environmental activists around the world

The number of people killed this year while defending their community’s land, natural resources or wildlife has passed 150 – meaning 2017 is on course to be the deadliest year on record.


En 2016 hubo 200 casos, de los cuales el 40% iban dirigidos contra indígenas. También preocupan el tráfico de fauna silvestre, la deforestación (subió 44%) y la minería ilegal, que genera pérdidas al Estado por $2.000 millones de dólares anuales.


9 October 2017
South Africa

Mining companies have faced community protests and threats to shut operations, but many residents believe only tribal leaders are benefiting

MOGALAKWENA, South Africa, Oct 8 (Reuters) - A new power struggle is unfolding in South Africa’s old homelands between global mining giants, traditional leaders and an impoverished rural populace.

4 October 2017
Latin America and the Caribbean

Asamblea Regional de Miembros de la Coalición Internacional para el Acceso a la Tierra -América Latina y el Caribe.

Foro de la Tierra ALC “La gobernanza incluyente de la tierra y los territorios ante el cambio climático: el rol central de la sociedad civil organizada”

25 – 28 de septiembre de 2017

5 October 2017

El Observatorio para la protección de los defensores de derechos humanos (FIDH-OMCT) y el Colectivo de Abogados José Alvear Restrepo (CAJAR) publican hoy un informe que llama la atención sobre un fenómeno poco analizado: el rol específico de los actores económicos en la vulnerabilidad de las personas y grupos defensores del territorio y el ambiente y en particular la captura empresarial del Estado, que cuesta la seguridad, tranquilidad e incluso la vida a estas personas defensoras.


28 September 2017

[JURIST] Special Rapporteur on human rights and the environment John Knox [official profile] called [press release] on Mongolia Wednesday to protect the environment.

Protesters demonstrate against land rights NGO Equitable Cambodia in Phnom Penh earlier this month.
29 September 2017

The Ministry of Interior yesterday ordered the temporary suspension of land rights NGO Equitable Cambodia for allegedly violating its own by-laws and the controversial law regulating NGOs passed in 2015.

In a letter signed yesterday, Interior Minister Sar Kheng ordered NGO Director Eang Vuthy to “temporarily suspend Equitable Cambodia’s activities for thirty working days”.

According to the letter, the organisation violated Article 5 of its own by-laws, as well as Articles 10 and 25 of the Law on Associations and NGOs.

19 September 2017

State governments are rushing to build land banks, using both private and common lands, in an effort to attract investment in manufacturing and infrastructure.

31 August 2017

As a young man, Abdon Nabadan loved nature-tripping—climbing mountains and trekking forests.

Little did he know that his love of nature would lead him to reconnect to his ethnic roots and become one of Indonesia’s leading advocates of the rights of indigenous peoples (IPs), locally known as the masyarakat adat.