land rent

in practical terms rent is the payment for the hire of land and buildings and is a function of the supply and demand for that particular type of property in that particular location.

Guimarães quer incentivar jovens empreendedores com projetos agrícolas inovadores
6 February 2017

O Município de Guimarães tem em curso a criação de uma incubadora de base rural, que funcionará com base numa bolsa e num banco de terras para jovens empreendedores com projetos agrícolas inovadores. 

O executivo municipal aprovou, ontem, o início de procedimento para aprovação do regulamento de funcionamento da estrutura, que vai disponibilizar hectares de terra produtiva ou florestal no concelho e garantir apoio técnico aos interessados.

Policy Papers & Briefs
February 2011

Las asimetrías en la propiedad de la tierra en los países del MERCOSUR se originaron, desde mediados del Siglo XIX, en procesos históricos resultantes de políticas económicas y demográficas impulsadas por los incipientes Estados nacionales de la región. El tema de la tierra es tratado generalmente sólo como recurso productivo agrario, y con frecuencia aparece descontextualizado de los factores que determinan las condiciones de su acceso y uso por parte de los diferentes sectores socio-agrarios de cada país y en el plano regional.

March 2012

Interest in farmland is rising. And,
given commodity price volatility, growing human and
environmental pressures, and worries about food security,
this interest will increase, especially in the developing
world. One of the highest development priorities in the
world must be to improve smallholder agricultural
productivity, especially in Africa. Smallholder productivity
is essential for reducing poverty and hunger, and more and

January 2015

This paper uses farm panel data from
China to examine the dynamics of land transactions, machine
investments, and the demand for machine services. Recently,
China's agriculture has experienced a large expansion
of machine rentals and machine services provided by
specialized agents, which has contributed to mechanization
of agricultural production. The empirical results show that
an increase in nonagricultural wage rates leads to expansion

May 2014

The authors use data from Ethiopia to
empirically assess determinants of participation in land
rental markets, compare these to those of administrative
land reallocation, and make inferences on the likely impact
of households' expectations regarding future
redistribution. Results indicate that rental markets
outperform administrative reallocation in terms of
efficiency and poverty. Households who have part-time jobs

June 2014

The goal of this report is to take stock
of the existing evidence on the impact of the Comprehensive
Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) on poverty, to examine the
current challenges that an extension of CARP would face, and
to suggest directions toward achieving progress on land
reform given the financial and policy constraints faced by
the program. The report starts by examining the nature and
relevance of the challenges that an extension of the land

April 2014

The authors examine the impact of land
reform in Vietnam which gives households the power to
exchange, transfer, lease, inherit, and mortgage their
land-use rights. The authors expect this change to increase
the incentives as well as the ability to undertake long-term
investments on the part of households. Their
difference-in-differences estimation strategy takes
advantage of the variation across provinces in the issuance

May 2013

As countries increasingly strive to transform their economies from agriculture‐based into a diversified one, land rental will become of greater importance. It will thus be critical to complement research on the efficiency of specific land rental arrangements such as sharecropping with an inquiry into the broader productivity impacts of the land rental market. Plot‐level data for a matched landlord–tenant sample in an environment where sharecropping dominates allow us to explore both issues.

June 2014

Successive policies of the Government of
Vietnam for economic reform and modernization have helped
Vietnam to emerge as one of the world's fastest growing
economies. The report provides continued recommendations on
improving land policies to ensure efficiency of their
practical implementation and to target at both economic
development and social sustainability. Policies with regard
to voluntary benefits sharing, promoting the participation