land loans

Land loan is the temporary cession of land use, normally without rent payable for its use.

By: Teboho.Setena
Date: August 10th 2016
Source: News24

THE African Farmers Association of South Africa (Afasa) in the Free State has called for a second model to the land reform programme to complement the existing Proactive Land Acquisition Strategy (Plas) programme.

The body strongly maintains such a move will expedite the current land reform process and also save government money in the process.

By: Agencies
Date: January 19th 2016
Source: Citizen Digital

Mshindi Mayenga, a hairdresser in the Tanzanian capital, had a vision to expand her business.

She wanted to transform her small salon from a dilapidated rented room into a larger ‘main street’ enterprise, but every time she applied for a bank loan her request was turned down.