land law

land legislation

Land law is the body of law dealing with land, its definition, ownership and use whether urban or rural.

20 July 2017
  • Historic claim recognised around Andrew Forrest’s Fortescue mine
  • Court upholds $3.3m Timber Creek payout ruling against NT government

The federal court has handed down two major wins for native title holders, dismissing a government appeal against a landmark compensation case and recognising an exclusive native title claim around a $110bn mine owned by Andrew Forrest’s Fortescue Metals Group.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2000

"The hour of capitalism's greatest triumph," writes Hernando de Soto, "is, in the eyes of four-fifths of humanity, its hour of crisis." In The Mystery of Capital, the world-famous Peruvian economist takes up the question that, more than any other, is central to one of the most crucial problems the world faces today: Why do some countries succeed at capitalism while others fail?

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December 2004

This report is the fruit of collaboration between ILC, IFAD and FAO. It provides information on the historical background of the Convention and its Optional Protocol, the working methods of the Committee, as well as a summary of information provided in reports of selected countries. NOTE: See also the 2010 update of this document.

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December 2008

ABSTRACTED FROM THE OPENING PARAGRAPHS, AND THE BOOK BLURB: The decentralization of control over the vast forests of the world is moving at a rapid pace, with both positive and negative ramifications for people and forests themselves. Th[is] chapter examines LFA from the decentralized forest management perspective. In particular, it examines the process by which the policy was implemented and considers whether it helped build sustainable forest management at the community level. [It] first reviews the history of LFA and the major actors involved.