land law

land legislation

Land law is the body of law dealing with land, its definition, ownership and use whether urban or rural.

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July 1996

o presente trabalho e uma compilação de vàrios artigos que sintetizam os resultados de pesquisas de campo sobre acesso e segurança de posse de terra efectuados nos liltimos cinco anos em Moçambique. Trata-se de pesquisas realizadas pelo projecto sobre Política Fundiária -Land Tenure Center da Universidade de Wisconsin, Estados Unidos da América, em colaboração com o Ministério da Agricultura e o NET-Núcleo de Estudos da Terra, da Universidade Eduardo Mondlane.

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August 2014

Beginning in the mid-1970s through to the 1980s, Tanzania experienced a severe socio-economic crisis. In an attempt to turn things around the abating economy and accelerate economic growth, the government embarked on a broad range of radical policy, legislation, and institution reforms, which opened doors for foreign direct investments (FDIs) and further initiatives have been taken to create an enabling environment for investments to flourish in the country.

June 2009

The purpose of the Act is to promote and facilitate outdoor recreation ensuring Marka's borders and preserve a natural and cultural heritage, as well as sustainability thereof. The geographical area Marka is composed by the following areas: Kjekstad Marka, Vard Åsmarka, Vestmarka Krokskogen, Bærumsmarka, North Marka, Lillomarka, Romeriksåsene, Gjellerås Marka, Østmarka and Sørmarka. Marka is an agricultural, natural and recreational area (LNF area) pursuing Act relative to planning and construction.

December 2009

This Act provides definitions and framework for the assessment and management of flood risks from watercourse and lakes with the aim to reducing risks in vulnerable areas.

August 2000

This Act provides for the protection of the tenant cultivator's rights from any abuse or prevarication by the landowner. It prescribes the right of the tenant to be the first one informed about the sale of the paddy land he/she is cultivating, it forbids unlawful eviction from the cultivated land, it provides for the payment of rent and the exemption from payment in case paddy land has not been cultivated or has not produced any agricultural commodities for force majeure.

September 1986

Cette loi porte Code foncier.

June 1970

This Act makes provision for the protection of nature by: (1) prescribing a valuation of major works, construction and other activity which will entail substantial change to the landscape or substantial damage to the natural environment before such work is begun by the appropriate authorities (Chap. I); (2) providing for the establishment of national parks, nature reserves and natural monuments (Chap. II); (c) providing for the protection of fauna and flora (Chap.

July 2008

L’annulation du principe de la présomption de domanialité ainsi que la mise en place de la propriété foncière privée non titrée par la loi n°2005-019 du 17 octobre 2005 fixant les principes régissant les statuts des terres à Madagascar impliquent une révision de l’ordonnance réglementant le domaine public.