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land legislation

Land law is the body of law dealing with land, its definition, ownership and use whether urban or rural.

19 April 2017


The government passed three vital laws - Double Registration Prevention Act, Assigned Lands Regularisation Act and Land Acquisition Amendment Act 2017 - to safeguard people and avert civil disputes on land holdings as part of revenue reforms, Deputy Chief Minister K.E. Krishnamurthy said on Tuesday.

Legislation & Policies
May 2014

Article 1: "This Decree details some articles of the Law on Land concerning compensation, support, and resettlement upon land expropriation by the State."

14 April 2017

The Brazilian city of Petropolis is known for its 19th century buildings and its Imperial Museum. The museum includes the summer home of Brazil's last ruler, Dom Pedro II.

But many people who live in Petropolis are upset about having to pay a special property tax linked to the country’s former rulers.

The tax is known as laudemio. It takes 2.5 percent of the value of real estate deals. The money from the tax goes directly to the descendants of Dom Pedro II, more than one hundred years after he was ousted.

Legislation & Policies
April 1990

Preamble: "Hong Kong has been part of the territory of China since ancient times; it was occupied by Britain after the Opium War in 1840.  On 19 December 1984, the Chinese and British Governments signed the Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong, affirming that the Government of the People's Republic of China will resume the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong with effect from 1 July 1997, thus fulfilling the long-cherished common aspiration of the Chinese people for the recovery of Hong Kong.

12 April 2017

Date: 11 avril 2017

Source: Actu Bénin

Le Code foncier et domanial était au centre d’un atelier de partage d’expériences, lundi 10 avril 2017 à l’Hôtel royal space, à Abomey-Calavi. Organisée par l’Association nationale des communes du Bénin (Ancb), cette session devrait permettre aux maires et Csad d’être mieux sensibilisés sur leur rôle et responsabilités dans l’application du code.

5 April 2017

UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, Victoria Tauli-Corpuz [official website] called [press release] Friday for the US to adopt a consistent approach to indigenous land rights in pipeline projects.

7 April 2017


Disputes over Brazil’s farmland are growing increasingly violent, pitting farmers against the original residents of the area


Munir Chami and Genito Gomes have a considerable amount in common. They’re Brazilians who grew up in the countryside, straight-backed, clear-eyed men in their mid-30s. Each has a ready smile, hospitable nature and a quiet air of authority. Each is married with young children. They each work hard: They spend their days on their families’ land, and they are immensely proud of their connection with it and what they have built there.

Kassoum Denon.jpg
4 April 2017

Date: 04 avril 2017

Source: Agence Ecofin

Par Souha Touré

Les députés maliens viennent d’adopter en session extraordinaire le projet de loi sur le foncier agricole porté par le ministre de l’Agriculture, Kassoum Denon (photo). Un vote qui ouvre la voie à une accélération de la sécurisation foncière rurale au Mali.