land inheritance rights

Legal provisions applying in case of territorial succession.

30 May 2017

Malian men control access to land and decide which parts women are allowed to farm - that's a problem for women as erratic weather increases competition for land and harvests

BOGOSSONI, Mali, May 29 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Anthio Mounkoro has been farming land in Bogossoni for as long as she can remember – but none of it was ever hers.

"The land I've been cultivating my whole life is my father's," she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation while meticulously watering a batch of shallots, careful not to waste one drop from the hose.

May 1989

The aim of the Act is to provide a uniform intestate succession Law applying throughout the country; to make adequate financial and other provisions for the surviving spouse, children, dependants and other relatives of an intestate; to provide for the administration of the estates of persons dying not having made a will; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.

August 1994

El capitulo IV de la Ley Nº 160 de 1994, establece un subsidio para la compra de tierras en las modalidades y procedimientos de crédito no reembolsable con cargo al presupuesto del Instituto Colombiano de Reforma Agraria (INCORA), que se otorgara por una sola vez al campesino sujeto de la reforma agraria, con arreglo a las políticas que señale el Ministerio de Agricultura y a los criterios de elegibilidad que se señalen.

March 2003

Le présent décret fixe la procédure relative à la dation en paiement par remise d'immeubles en nature de bois et forêts ou espaces naturels pouvant être incorporés au domaine forestier de l'Etat, instituée par l'article 1716 bis du Code général des impôts.

National Policies
October 2013

The National Strategy and Action Plan for Gender and Private Sector is a national strategy with a sectoral approach. The timeframe of the Strategy is four years from 2014 to 2017. The overall objective is to overcome disparities among men and women in the private sector, giving particular regard to access of women to entrepreneurship, including the rural sector.

November 2001

This Decree prescribes the procedures for exchange, transfer, lease, sublease and inheritance of land-use rights as well as mortgages and as capital contributions in the form of land-use rights. The Amendments and implementations deal mostly with written documents attesting land right of use, what has to be included in the Dossiers, who is entitled to certain provisions on lease and sublease or mortgage and who is not, conditions for mortgage in terms of land use right and other minor provisions.

December 2014

This Decree by the Council of Ministers makes minor amendments in Article 1 of the Decree No 2009/15173 by changing the name of the ‘Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs’ to the ‘Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock’. The Decree further makes changes in the annex 2, 4, 5, 6, 11, 12, 14, 16, 19, 20, 22, 24, 25 and 29 providing for the designated regions of agricultural lands.

Implements: Agriculture Law No.5488. (2006-04-18)
Amends: Decree by the Council of Ministers on the determination of farmlands No. 2009/15173. (2009-06-29)

March 1999

This Decree prescribes the procedures for exchange, transfer, lease, sublease and inheritance of land-use rights as well as mortgages and as capital contributions in the form of land-use rights. Article 3 specifies documents required for the exercise of a land-use right.

December 1991

This Act provides with respect to administration of estates left by deceased persons. It concerns, among other things, devolution of property on personal representative, powers of executors, rights and liabilities of administrator and duty of personal representative, procedures for grants of probate and administration, administration of assets, distribution of residuary estate.

September 2009

El presente Reglamento regula la obligación de los órganos de la administración del Estado de escuchar y considerar la opinión de las organizaciones indígenas cuando traten materias relacionadas con cuestiones indígenas, según lo establecido en el artículo 34 de la Ley Nº 19.253 sobre protección, fomento y desarrollo de los indígenas. En especial se define y regula el procedimiento de consulta y se establecen disposiciones detalladas en tema de participación.