land grabbing

Large-scale acquisition of farmland (over 1,000 ha) whether by purchase , leases or other means.

Food Security

Technical experts from G7 donors (UK, US, Germany, France), AU Land Policy Initiative and FAO have compiled a due diligence framework for land related investments based on existing standards, guidance and good practice, to support responsible investments under the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition.

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Mantém-se a discussão no Congresso Nacional sobre a aquisição de terras por estrangeiros, visando a formulação de uma nova lei que possa tratar adequadamente essa matéria.

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October 2012

Like many of its neighbors, Tanzania is experiencing a well-documented surge of land grabbing related to investments in industries such as agriculture, biofuels, tourism, hunting, and forestry. Land grabbing in Tanzania is best understood and analyzed as both a symptom of and contributor towards wider political economic processes of change occurring in Tanzania.

A paralegal speaks with community members in Mamusa community, Sierra Leone.

A small band of grassroots advocates has been helping communities in Sierra Leone secure better deals for their land, says Sonkita Conteh, from paralegal organisation Namati

10 May 2017


MONROVIA – When Liberia signed a series of contracts with international palm oil producers in the years after its protracted civil war, the news was greeted by some as a welcome sign of national renewal. Despite criticism voiced by local and international advocacy groups that the massive deals amounted to “land grabs,” the prospect of tens of thousands of jobs, tax revenues for a cash-starved government, and repaired roads and ports was too much for Liberian officials to pass on.

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May 2017

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Veuillez trouver ci-joint une nouvelle publication intitulée “Accaparement de terres et droits humains: Le rôle des acteurs européens à l’étranger.” Ce document contient plusieurs examples de cas d’Afrique. En plus, il contient des recommandations de mesures à prendre par l’Union européenes et ses Etats membres pour arrêter et prévenir l’accaparement des terres et promouvoir les droits humains.

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12 May 2017

Date: 12 mai 2017

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Une centaine d’habitants de cinq villages de la chefferie Kaponda à Kipushi (Haut-Katanga) ont manifesté jeudi 11 mai devant le palais de justice de Lubumbashi pour protester contre la «spoliation de leurs villages» par certaines autorités locales.

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5 June 2017 to 16 June 2017
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From June 5-16, 2017, Landesa and the Land Portal will co-facilitate a dialogue through which a variety of stakeholders will contribute to discussion on the principles and practices of land-based investments, with a focus on the Tanzanian context. This is intended as part of the broader conversation on responsible investment in land principles, guidelines and practices that has proliferated since, at least, the 2009 food crisis and subsequent ‘land grabs’ that swept the global south

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8 May 2017

Date: 5 mai 2017

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Jusqu'à aujourd'hui, 57 cas liés à la spoliation immobilière ont été déférés devant les juridictions du Royaume. Une cellule spéciale s'active pour contrer le phénomène.