land dispute resolution

5 June 2017 to 16 June 2017
Godfrey Massay
Lukasz Czerwinski

From June 5-16, 2017, Landesa and the Land Portal will co-facilitate a dialogue through which a variety of stakeholders will contribute to discussion on the principles and practices of land-based investments, with a focus on the Tanzanian context. This is intended as part of the broader conversation on responsible investment in land principles, guidelines and practices that has proliferated since, at least, the 2009 food crisis and subsequent ‘land grabs’ that swept the global south

January 1998

Section 3 formulates a prohibition of receipt or solicitation of consideration in respect of unlawful occupation of land. Section 4 makes provision for the eviction of unlawful occupiers of land. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 4, the owner or person in charge of land may institute urgent proceedings for the eviction of an unlawful occupier of that land pending the outcome of proceedings for a final order, and the court may grant such an order if it is satisfied that conditions set out in section 5 are met. Section 6 provides for eviction at the instance of an organ of state.

October 1997

La presente Ley de procedimiento especial para garantia de la propiedad rural, tiene por objeto establecer la garantía de la propiedad y posesión regular de la tierra, mediante un procedimiento especial de desalojo de invasores. La autoridad competente será el Juez de Paz de la jurisdicción donde se encuentre el inmueble invadido. El propietario o legítimo poseedor, solicitará al Juez por escrito o en forma verbal, el lanzamiento de los invasores, presentado para ello el o los títulos que amparen su derecho; o los documentos públicos que acrediten su posesión regular en su caso.

May 1989

The aim of the Act is to provide a uniform intestate succession Law applying throughout the country; to make adequate financial and other provisions for the surviving spouse, children, dependants and other relatives of an intestate; to provide for the administration of the estates of persons dying not having made a will; and to provide for matters connected with or incidental to the foregoing.

January 2006

El presente Reglamento General de Registros de Títulos, que complementa la Ley Nº 108 de Registro Inmobiliario, tiene por objeto regular el funcionamiento de la Dirección Nacional de Registro de Títulos y los Registros de Títulos, así como el procedimiento y la forma en que se registran los derechos reales inmobiliarios de conformidad con la Ley de Registro Inmobiliario.

November 1986

The present Regulations are made under the Cree-Naskapi (of Quebec) Act. In particular, the Regulations provide for the establishment of a land registry system, under the control and supervision of the Minister for the registration of rights and interests in Category IA and IA-N l and in buildings situated thereon. The Land Registry System shall consist of the following registry offices: a) a Central Land Registry Office; b) one local Land Registry Office for each Cree band; and c) a Local Land Registry Office for the Naskapi band.