Reports & Research
March 2010
South Africa
Southern Africa

This report is a synthesis of research implemented for the project on Wetlands-based livelihoods in the Limpopo basin: balancing social welfare and environmental security. The research was motivated by the dependency of many people on wetlands for their livelihoods. It was therefore founded on the basis that the potential of wetlands to contribute to livelihoods is closely related to their ability to maintain ecosytem functions (such as regulating river flows), which is a consequence of their unique hydrological characteristics.

Reports & Research
December 2010
South America

This paper applies the principles of water-use accounts, developed in the first of the

series, to the São Francisco basin in South America. The São Francisco Basin lies wholly

within Brazil. There are several major dams and wetlands in the Basin.

Net runoff is about 16% of total precipitation. Grassland is the most extensive land use,

covering 59% of the Basin and uses 48% of the water. Rainfed agriculture covers 23%

of the basin, but uses 14% of the water in the Basin. Forest and woodland cover 16% of

Reports & Research
December 2010
Western Asia

This paper applies the principles of water-use accounts, to the Karkheh River basin in Iran.

The northern part of the Basin where the Karkheh and its tributaries rise is mountainous, cooler, and wetter. The River spills out on to the hotter, lower semi-arid plains at its southern end. Precipitation, mainly in winter, varies from 400-500 mm in the upper part of the Basin falling to about 230 mm in the lower reaches.

Reports & Research
April 2010

Supported by the CPWF, this two-year project titled “Valuing the role of living aquatic

resources to rural livelihoods in multiple-use, seasonally-inundated wetlands in the

Yellow River Basin of China, for improved governance” focused on linking the use of

wetlands resources by local communities and value of wetlands ecosystem services with

management implications for the riverine and coastal wetlands in Henan and Shandong

provinces. A study on this Chinese situation of pursuing a rapid development agenda

Journal Articles & Books
December 1979
South America
Central America

En la Estacion Experimental "Quilichao", del Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT), depto. del Cauca, Colombia, se realizo un ensayo para evaluar el valor nutritivo y el consumo selectivo de Desmodium ovalifolium CIAT 350. Se usaron ovinos machos enteros de la raza Africanos, con un peso metabolico (P0.75) entre 7.89-9.77, a los cuales se suministro forraje fresco de D. ovalifolium a niveles de 30.245 g de MS/P(0.75) y de 5 edades de corte: 50, 80, 100, 125 y 145 dias; el ultimo corte coincidio con el inicio de la estacion seca.

Journal Articles & Books
December 2015

Interannual variation in rainfall throughout Tamil Nadu has been causing frequent and noticeable land use changes despite the rapid development in groundwater irrigation. Identifying periodically water-stressed areas is the first and crucial step to minimizing negative effects on crop production. Such analysis must be conducted at the basin level as it is an independent water accounting unit.