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Those of you who have visited Dubai in recent years may relate to what I am going to say: Dubai is in the middle of the desert, and its land, not that long ago, was really worth nothing. Now it is one of the most vibrant international cities in the world. All this happened in a relatively short time span.

6 December 2017

La Agencia Nacional de Tierras inició, a través de la Unidad de Gestión de la Costa Caribe,  la formalización y saneamiento de los predios en las veredas de la denominada Zona Alta del municipio El Carmen de Bolivar.

La iniciativa fue necesaria, ya que la mayoría de los campesinos propietarios de las parcelas no cuentan con la real titularidad de los bienes inmuebles.
La falta de esos documentos no les permite acceder a los dos subsidios y otros incentivos, porque no existe la legalización y un documento que los acredite como sus propietarios.


La sexta avenida, entre quinta y cuarta calles está prácticamente tomada por campesinos, hombres y mujeres que se trasladaron a vivir ahí –frente a Casa Presidencial– porque fueron expulsados violentamente de comunidades en donde vivían, y según lo dicen, están dispuestos a continuar resistiendo hasta tanto el gobierno no les dé una respuesta clara y concreta a sus peticiones que tiene relación con la restitución de las tierras que históricamente les pertenecen.

Land rights in Bangladesh
5 December 2017

With a population of 163 million people and an area of only 147,570 square kilometers, Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Land scarcity, insecure tenure, and other factors have contributed to a high volume of land conflicts. Such problems are compounded by Bangladesh’s weak land governance systems, extensive informal settlements in urban areas and widespread landlessness in rural areas.

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December 2012
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Increasing temperatures and declining rainfall patterns as well as increasing frequency of extreme climate events such as droughts and floods are the expected future weather patterns within the tropics. Africa, particularly Southern Africa, is projected to be the region most vulnerable to the impacts of climate variability and change especially in agriculture and water. This has dire consequences as most people in Southern Africa depend on agriculture for their livelihoods.

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December 2005

We developed interpolated climate surfaces for global land areas (excluding Antarctica) at a spatial resolution of 30 arc s (often referred to as 1-km spatial resolution). The climate elements considered were monthly precipitation and mean, minimum, and maximum temperature. Input data were gathered from a variety of sources and, where possible, were restricted to records from the 1950 2000 period. We used the thin-plate smoothing spline algorithm implemented in the ANUSPLIN package for interpolation, using latitude, longitude, and elevation as independent variables.

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December 2006
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Strategic research in agriculture and natural resources carried out by international research centers is deemed a public good and should, sooner or later, be put into the hands of development, governmental and non-governmental organizations. However, this research is usually done at specific pilot sites; there is a greater need to know how representative those sites are in relation to the diversity of contexts in other locations.