22 April 2017


More than 200 SC and ST farmers in Telangana have for the first time in the last 70 years got legal rights over their land, thanks to a land rights project. And community participation was the mantra that made it possible

24 April 2017

A chacina na zona rural do município de Colniza (MT), que deixou nove mortos na quarta (19) (http://www1.folha.uol.com.br/poder/2017/04/1877568-chega-a-9-
numero-de-mortos-a-tiros-em-assentamento-em-mato-grosso.shtml), elevou para 19 o número de assassinatos decorrentes de conflitos no campo registrados pela CPT (Comissão Pastoral da Terra), órgão ligado à CNBB (Conferência Nacional dos Bispos do Brasil) neste ano.

Reports & Research
December 2012

The economies of many countries such as the Gulf and Southern African States are to a considerable extent sustained by financial flows from extraction of mineral resources and fossil fuels. The discovery of such fortunes, in sufficiently viable quantities, can be a significant national blessing for effectively addressing development challenges. However, experience in other countries has shown that financial resources obtainable from mineral and fossil fuel extraction – the Extractive Industry, have not always assisted economic and social development.

Policy Papers & Briefs
December 2014

Currently Tanzania faces numerous challenges regarding Land Registration Procedure in Tanzania as reflected in land owners perceptions on the procedure, especially in rural areas. This makes the need to improve the procedure compelling. However, the current Administrative, Financial, Legal, and Institutional aspects need to be taken into the consideration in promoting and improving the process of obtaining CCROs in the country.

23 April 2017

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Reports & Research
March 2012

The purpose of this assignment was to establish whether there is appetite to hold a public debate on how to realise better land‐based investments in Tanzania. It also aimed at identifying what would be the discussion issues and most appropriate mechanism to allow different actors from different levels to articulate their perspectives on land‐based investments in Tanzania. This has been triggered by the sensitivity surrounding the topic.

21 April 2017


The Ministry Lands and Resettlement has made significant strides in driving the land distribution programme through the willing buyer-willing seller model since the country attained independence.

This was revealed by the Ministry’s public relations officer Chrispin Matongela who also added that Government spent a whooping N$240 million to acquire land for resettlement in the last financial year.

'A terra é essencial para fazer as demais políticas para essas populações avançarem'. Na foto, indígenas e quilombolas protestam em Brasília, em 2015
20 April 2017

Direito constitucional à demarcação de terras é questionado por cortes orçamentários e comentários de políticos ligados ao governo Temer