17 May 2017

 A Brazilian congressional commission, led by a powerful farming lobby, has recommended dismantling the National Indian Foundation, or FUNAI, indigenous rights agency following a land boundary investigation.

The commission suggested FUNAI, which is run by anthropologists, should be replaced with an agency run by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice.

Critics have slammed the suggestion, arguing dismantling FUNAI would empower farmers who seek to use more land in the Amazon rainforest, Jornal O Globo reported.

21 May 2017


The Indigenous community has demanded that authorities investigate the killing.

An Indigenous community leader in Mexico has been assassinated alongside his brother, Mexico’s La Jornada newspaper, as the country’s human rights situation continues to spark national and international alarm just days after the murder of a renowned veteran journalist.

May 2001

Le présent décret adopte la Déclaration de politique foncière en milieu rural (DPFMR).L'objectif du Gouvernement est de fixer un cadre stratégique cohérent visant à améliorer les conditions d'accès et de gestion durable et équitable des ressources rurales.Spécifiquement, la démarche vise à sécuriser les exploitants ruraux, renforcer l'équité et la paix sociale, stimuler la production et la productivité agricole, promouvoir la gestion décentralisé des ressources foncières, favoriser l'accès à la terre des personnes pauvres et des groupes sociaux fragilisés et défavorisés,

April 1991

These Regulations implement the Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989 by providing specifications on public access routes, on travelling stocks, on access to water for travelling stocks and on dispute settlement.

Implements: Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Act 1989. (2015-06-18)
Repealed by: Pastoral Land Management and Conservation Regulations 2006. (2016-06-23)

November 2014

These Regulations, consisting of 3 sections, implement provisions of the Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992. The Regulations provide for administrative and legal proceedings requirements to Neighbouring Land access, which may be established by the court under section 5(4)(a) of the Access to Neighbouring Land Act 1992 if the owner of the subject land, or other person whose agreement to the entry on the subject land is required, cannot be found. The court may make an order for substituted service if satisfied that the applicant cannot find the owner of the subject land.

October 2010

This Decree amends article 27 establishing the obligation of consulting local community on legal procedures related to land administration and land use management. It determines that these communities should participate actively in the decision making regarding the above mentioned sectors, through the active involvement and partecipation of local consulting committees.

Amends: Decree No. 66/98 on Land Law Regulations. (1998-12-08)

March 1996

This Act provides rules relative to the exploration for and the exploitation of mineral resources and related matters such as the grant of mineral rights and (restriction of) rights on the surface, protection of the environment and the resolution of disputes. No grant of rights in minerals shall be valid unless granted in accordance with this Act. The Minister may designate an Inspector of Mines and Minerals.

May 2007

In view of the fact that promoting the advancement of utilization of geospatial information is essential in establishing an economy and society in which the people can live enriching lives with peace of mind both at present and in the future, the purpose of this Act is to promote policies for the advancement of utilizing geospatial information in a comprehensive and well-planned manner by establishing basic principles and clarifying the responsibilities of the state and local governments for policies on the advancement of utilizing geospatial information as well as defining the basic elemen

July 1989

This Act provides for the establishment and management of the Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) National Park. The park will also ensure the right of Aboriginals, who are traditionally the owner of certain lands, to occupy and use that land. For the administration of the park, the Act establishes the Nitmiluk (Katherine Gorge) National Park Board, whose functions include to prepare plans of management for the control and management of the park and to protect and enforce the right of Aboriginals entitled by Aboriginal tradition to use and occupy the park.