14 February 2017

Jerusalém, 14 fev (EFE).- A advocacia do Estado de Israel pediu pela primeira vez ao Supremo Tribunal do país que não derrube estruturas em uma colônia na Cisjordânia sobre terras privadas palestinas sob amparo da nova e polêmica Lei de Regularização de Assentamentos, informou nesta terça-feira a ONG israelense Yesh Din.

Esta é a primeira vez em que esta lei, aprovada no dia 6 de fevereiro e condenada por União Europeia (UE), ONU e vários países da comunidade internacional, seria utilizada para legalizar retroativamente imóveis em colônias.

May 2012
Northern Africa
Western Asia

This report is about how women
entrepreneurs can contribute more to the quality and
direction of economic and social development in the Middle
East and North Africa (MENA) region. Economic growth in the
Middle East has been remarkable since 2004, mainly because
of higher oil prices. Rapid job growth has followed, driven
mainly by the private sector. Yet the region still faces two
important challenges: the first is to create better jobs for

August 2013

Legal and regulatory aspects of
E-Commerece and the Internet, by Hank Intven, Rdichard
Pfohl, Cheryl Slusarchuk, and Barry Sookman. Intellectual
property rights and the protection of public health in
developing countries, by Carlos M. Correa. Assessing a bill
in terms of the public interest : the legislator's role
in the law-making process, by Ann Seidman and Robert
Seidman. Property rights issues in common property regimes

March 2012

Son preference is known to be found in
certain types of cultures, that is patrilineal cultures. But
what explains the fact that China, South Korea, and
Northwest India manifest such extreme child sex ratios
compared with other patrilineal societies? This paper argues
that what makes these societies unique is that their
pre-modern political and administrative systems used
patrilineages to organize and administer their citizens. The

April 2014

The conflicting relationship between
peace and justice is frequently debated in the field of
transitional justice. The obligation to prosecute serious
crimes can contradict the measures necessary to reestablish
peace among society. The predicament gives rise to a
similar, though less obvious, challenge in many developing
countries, where the formal justice system can be at odds
with conflict management initiatives. Often, due to their

March 2012

The authors use recent data from the
2006 National Family Health Survey of India to explore the
relationship between religion and demographic behavior. They
find that fertility and mortality vary not only between
religious groups, but also across caste groups. These groups
also differ with respect to socio-economic status. The
central finding of this paper is that despite their
socio-economic disadvantages, Muslims have higher fertility

March 2012

The note is designed to assist Bank task
teams, working together with their country counterparts, who
may have varying levels of experience with promoting the
Rule of Law (ROL); some would be familiar with the African
context but not ROL, and for others, vice-versa. This note
may also represent a first introduction to ROL reform; for
those who have worked on such projects in the past, it
should supplement existing knowledge about this emerging

March 2013

Expert statements indicate that annually
approximately 20 billion dollars will be needed to prevent
90 percent deforestation in tropical countries. Development
practitioners are eager to see the benefits from REDD plus
initiatives shared with local partners. Equally important to
understanding how local partners might benefit are questions
such as, who should derive benefits from REDD plus
initiatives, and how to ensure these initiatives reach the