informal settlements

O presidente Michel Temer no lançamento do Programa Nacional de Regularização Fundiária
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January 2011

The International Land Coalition (ILC) has commissioned this present report to analyse the illegal/irregular acquisition of land by Kenya’s elites to ascertain the types of land affected, the processes used to acquire land, and the profiles of the perpetrators, as well as to identify the victims and the impacts of land grabbing.

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June 2012

According to 2001 statistics, 924 million people, almost one third of the world’s population lived in slums. A majority of these people are in the developing countries and they account for 43% of the urban population. Slums are characterized by a dense proliferation of small, makeshift shelters built from diverse materials, degradation of the local ecosystem and by severe social problems.

Institutional & promotional materials
October 2012

Uttaran is the pioneer leading national non-government to promote rights for landless people of Bangladesh since 1985. As part of its activities under land less people and state land settlement, it has already piloted the participatory land less selection process and state land identification. The process has been accelerated with number of communication materials such as posters, leaflets and brochures. This poster has described the discrimination between men and women during state land allocation and also promote advocacy agenda with government.


March 2015

Uttaran ( is a local organisation (Bangladesh) working with vulnerable landowners i.e. women, widow, indigenous, minority and landless people to promote access to land. Uttaran is implementing a project titled, Sustainable Access to Land Equality-SALE' with support of European Union. SALE is the civil society component of overall access to land project that is lead by Department of Land Records and Surveys (DLRS) and Ministry of Land in Bangladesh.

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July 2014

The Jamalpur district administration has decided to prepare an online database of the real landless and homeless in Jamalpur Sadar Upazila. Forming the selection committees at Union and Ward level is an effective step to make the list of real landless and homeless people. This will make the identification process of the actual landless, poor and vulnerable people easy, acceptable to all and impartial. I hope that once the list is finalised, it will be useful in selecting beneficiaries for the various safety net and development programmes of the present government.

Training Resources & Tools
July 2014

This training module is developed by Uttaran for its field level beneficiaries of Sustainable Access to Land Equalities (SALE) project. Initially some selected trainers are trained up on the basis of this module. Afterwards the selected trainer group will provide the training to the members of primary organization which is developed by Sustainable Access to Land Equalities (SALE) project of Uttaran. So those who facilitate this training workshop will have to have the sound knowledge about this training module.