indigenous lands

territory whose owners legitimacy is drawn from prior occupancy (founding fathers).

2016 tem aumento de 232% na expulsão de famílias do campo
26 May 2017

Segundo a Pastoral da Terra, mortes aconteceram durante ação de despejo em Pau D’Arco (PA) e reforçam aumento da violência no campo.

Nilson Leitão é membro da Frente Parlamentar da Agropecuária desde 2011 e a preside desde dezembro de 2016
22 August 2017

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Deputado Nilson Leitão diz ser mentira que haja invasão em reservas ambientais no Brasil, acredita falar em nome dos índios e apoia os nativos que querem explorar minério e plantar soja em terras indígenas.


Nilson Leitão é membro da Frente Parlamentar da Agropecuária desde 2011 e a preside desde dezembro de 2016

Os ativistas alegaram que Temer está usando direitos de terra como barganha para fortalecer seu governo impopular
21 August 2017

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'The Guardian': Justiça do Brasil mantém direitos ás terras dos povos indígenas

Jornal britânico conta que ativistas aplaudiram rejeição do caso 


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November 2004

This article was published in a book International Law and Indigenous Peoples edited by J. Castellino & N. Walsh.

15 August 2017
  • Last week, indigenous organizations and civil society bodies demonstrated widely against what they see as the Brazilian government’s on going moves to reduce Indian land rights, and to demand the government open a dialogue with indigenous representatives.
  • Of greatest concern is President Temer’s recommendation to approve the “marco temporal” a 1988 cut-off date for Indian occupation of traditional lands.
9 August 2017

Communities have continued to suffer targeted killings, threats, displacement from their land and the effects of anti-personnel mines. 

Colombia's Indigenous peoples say their rights continue to be violated, and their land stolen, in spite of the peace deal signed last November between the government and FARC rebels.

13 August 2017

With the who’s who of the state machinery in attendance, the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples was celebrated with much pomp and fanfare in Ooty on 9 August. While the traditional dances and official speeches painted a rosy picture, it was what was left unsaid during the celebrations that deserves looking into.

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December 2014

Land, and in particular agricultural land, is central to livelhoods in rural Zambia. Zambia is characterised by a dual legal system of customary and statutory law and by dual land tenure, with state land and customary land. A first wave of socialist-oriented reforms took place after independence in 1964, which abolished previously existing freehold land in favour of leasehold. Subsequent changes in government policies under the influence of structural adjustment programmes and a new government in 1991 paved the way for a market-driven land reform.