grazing lands

January 2011

This is a judgment of Supreme Court of India to check grabbing of village common land including ponds and water bodies (called in different names) by unscrupulous persons, political clout, powerful vested interests, corrupt state authorities, etc by fraudulent practices and ensure their protection and safeguard.

kenya drought
6 August 2017

Burned-out homes in this dry landscape have become a symbol of the tensions around Tuesday's presidential election as Kenyans prepare for the possibility of yet more deadly violence.

For more than a year now, farms and homes in Laikipia County have been under siege.

Rangelands grazing pressure under the spotlight image
31 July 2017

RESEARCH looking at the demand for forage by all grazing animals is underway in a project that could deliver valuable information to rangelands livestock producers about the time when risks of losing feedbase occur.

This unique national study will apply a  cross sector and jurisdiction approach to also deliver a solid base of information to natural resource managers.

NSW Department of Primary Industries senior research scientist Dr Cathy Waters, based at Trangie Research Centre, is leading the Meat and Livestock Australia-supported project.

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December 2013

Arsenic concentrations are reported for the <2mm fraction of ca. 2200 soil samples each from agricultural (Ap horizon, 0–20cm) and grazing land (Gr, 0–10cm), covering western Europe at a sample density of 1site/2500km². Median As concentrations in an aqua regia extraction determined by inductively coupled plasma emission mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) were 5.7mg/kg for the Ap samples and 5.8mg/kg for the Gr samples. The median for the total As concentration as determined by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry (XRF) was 7mg/kg in both soil materials.

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December 2014

The semi-arid grasslands in Inner Mongolia, China have been degraded by long-term grazing. A series of ecological restoration strategies have been implemented to improve grassland service. However, little is known about the effect of these ecological restoration practices on soil carbon and nitrogen storage.

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December 2002
United States of America

The industrial emission of carbon (C) in China in 2000 was about 1 Pg yr 1, which may surpass that of the United States (1.84 Pg C) by 2020. China’s large land area, similar in size to that of the United States, comprises 124 Mha of cropland, 400 Mha of grazing land and 134 Mha of forestland. Terrestrial C pool of China comprises about 35–60 Pg in the forest and 120–186 Pg in soils. Soil degradation is a major issue affecting 145 Mha by different degradative processes, of which 126 Mha are prone to accelerated soil erosion.

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December 2015

Organic carbon (OC) sequestration in degraded semi‐arid environments by improved soil management is assumed to contribute substantially to climate change mitigation. However, information about the soil organic carbon (SOC) sequestration potential in steppe soils and their current saturation status remains unknown. In this study, we estimated the OC storage capacity of semi‐arid grassland soils on the basis of remote, natural steppe fragments in northern China.

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December 2016

Due to the progressive forest expansion in European mountain areas triggered by agricultural abandonment, semi-natural meadows and pastures of great ecological and aesthetic value are disappearing. The aim of this study is to predict and analyse the future evolution of land use and land cover (LULC) in the Stubai Valley, Central Alps. We propose a computational Population Dynamics P system (PDP) model that incorporates the main LULC change processes like plant production, grazing, abandonment and reforestation.

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December 2010

Water points provide excellent sites for studying overgrazing effects on plant communities in dry areas. Distance from water can be considered like a surrogate of grazing pressure being high near the water and low away from it. The main aim of this study is to investigate overgrazing effects on acceptability of fodder plants along a grazing gradient around three natural watering points.