grazing contracts


A grazing contract or licence is a legal contract for an agreement, for example between a farmer and a grazier, specifying the terms under which the latter can use the identified land of the former for grazing purposes.

Local use agreements: contributing to decentralisation and democritisation?

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January 2008

There is growing degradation in sylvo-pastoral lands that were originally under common property regimes, but over which the state now asserts ownership. User associations are being given the right to take charge of regulating how these areas are sustainably exploited by means of use agreements, and are proving an effective instrument in halting the degradation process.

Opening up land contracts and land data ... with caution

This is a contribution to our ongoing debate 'Open Data and Land Governance: Increased accountability and transparency as a means to overcoming poverty?'. Join in and ad your voice to the discussion!

By Kaitlin Cordes, Head of Land and Agriculture at the Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment