forestry policies

7 December 2017
  • The government of Nigeria has announced its plans to restore four million hectares, or nearly 10 million acres, of degraded lands within its borders.
  • The West African nation is now one of 26 countries across the continent that have committed to restoring more than 84 million hectares (over 200 million acres) of degraded lands as part of the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100), an effort that aims to bring 100 million hectares of land under restoration by 2030.
8 December 2017

The Mashco Piro, an isolated tribe in Peru's Amazon, are increasingly making contact with the outside world

DIAMANTE (Peru), Dec 6 - In Peru's remote southern Amazon, villagers rushed to the riverbank to witness a rare sighting - a group of Mashco Piro nomads standing on the other side, brandishing bows and arrows.

An elder from the indigenous hunter-gatherers, who have lived largely in isolation inside the rainforest for millennia, called to the Diamante villagers to ferry them across.

Reports & Research
December 2015

Tài liệu “Chồng lấn quyền sử dụng đất: Thách thức cho quy hoạch và quản lý rừng đặc dụng ở Việt Nam” tổng hợp một số đánh giá ban đầu từ các nghiên cứu của Trung tâm Con người và Thiên nhiên (PanNature), Trung tâm Tư vấn và Quản lý Tài nguyên (CORENARM) cùng Trung tâm Phát triển Nông thôn miền Trung (CRD) trong năm 2014 về hiện trạng chồng lấn quyền sử dụng đất trong hệ thống rừng đặc dụng Việt Nam.

Reports & Research
December 2012

FAO published its Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure (VGGT) of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security in 2012. The purpose of these guidelines is to serve as reference and to provide guidance to improve the governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forest with the overarching goal of achieving food security for all and to support the progressive realization of the right to adequate food in the context of national food security.

Reports & Research
December 2009

Report by the Rural Research & Development Training Center on the impacts of land and forest policies on the livelihood of ethnic minorities. This study intends to contribute to a better understanding of how institutional arrangements governing ethnic minorities’ rights to access and control over land and forest impact on their livelihoods, based on a field study in 5 ethnic minority villages in Sekong province, Laos.

Reports & Research
August 2014

The debate around the role that agriculture should play in mitigating climate change and sequestering greenhouse gases is politically complex and technically complicated. In many countries, and particularly in developing countries with a large smallholder population, the agricultural sector faces competing priorities, such as national food security goals, poverty alleviation, addressing natural resource degradation and adapting to the already visible effects of climate change.

A decisão final será tomada pela UNESCO no decurso da próxima reunião anual do Comité de Coordenação Henrique Botequilha/LUSA
22 September 2017




O ministro da Terra, Ambiente e Desenvolvimento Rural de Moçambique, Celso Correia, assinou a candidatura do Parque Nacional das Quirimbas a Reserva Mundial da Biosfera da UNESCO.