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8 October 2017
  • A new $100 million initiative will help indigenous peoples and local communities in rural areas secure rights to their traditional lands.
  • The International Land and Forest Tenure Facility, formally launched launched week, was conceived by the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI)
  • The Tenure Facility is a mechanism for scaling up recognition of rights to collective lands and forests.
  • The tenure facility aims to secure at least 40 million hectares of forests and rural lands for local and indigenous communities.
13 September 2017


Leaders of Cameroon's indigenous forest peoples say their survival is at risk if they are further deprived of access to the lands that are the source of their livelihoods.

Speaking in Cameroon's capital, Yaoundé, indigenous representatives said they had experienced increasingly serious violations of their land rights by palm oil and other agro-industries, mining firms and timber concessions, as well as the process of creating protected areas on their ancestral lands.

Reports & Research
October 2010

This report indicates that the Forest governance is identified as critical to the success of REDD+.

Implementation of robust REDD+ strategy is possible through Community Based Forest Governance.

Report talks on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) which is a global mechanism that aims at sustainable forest management (SFM) through protecting forests and enhancing carbon sequestration.

Report briefly describes The Scheduled Tribes and Other Traditional Forest Dwellers (Recognition of Forest Rights) Act, 2006 

Através do levantamento será possível saber o quanto as florestas impactaram na agropecuária do municípioAtravés do levantamento será possível saber o quanto as florestas impactaram na agropecuária do município - Arquivo/JPNEWS
31 July 2017
Reports & Research
August 2016

The India Environment Portal is initiated and managed by Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) in 2005. It puts together information about environment and development issues in one-stop shop. Information provided include data on forest land diversion for mining state-wise and their ecological impact along with steps taken by government.

Legislation & Policies
September 1927


The document deals with reservation of forest, forest settlement, formation of village forest, protected forests including control and management of forest.

It delienates legal forest types and tenure typologies under them.
24 July 2017

O excedente da balança comercial dos produtos florestais diminuiu 76,7 milhões de euros em 2016, face a 2015, informou o Instituto Nacional de Estatística, recordando que a área ardida no ano passado foi superior em 55% à média do período 2012-2016.

No ano passado, o saldo da balança comercial dos “Produtos do setor florestal”, tradicionalmente excedentário, foi de 2,5 mil milhões de euros, o que corresponde a uma redução do excedente em 76,7 milhões de euros face ao ano anterior, segundo as estatísticas agrícolas de 2016 do Instituto Nacional de Estatística (INE).

Miguel Baltazar
20 July 2017

O PCP insistiu e o Governo aceitou recuar. Pelo menos por agora, porque a ideia é voltar à carga depois do projecto piloto do cadastro simplificado. E, aí, já só será preciso um decreto-lei do Governo. Proposta será votada esta noite no Parlamento.