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15 August 2017
  • Last week, indigenous organizations and civil society bodies demonstrated widely against what they see as the Brazilian government’s on going moves to reduce Indian land rights, and to demand the government open a dialogue with indigenous representatives.
  • Of greatest concern is President Temer’s recommendation to approve the “marco temporal” a 1988 cut-off date for Indian occupation of traditional lands.

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O ministro do Meio Ambiente da Noruega diz que não haverá tolerância com desvio de recursos dados por seu país para combater o desmatamento e que é possível proteger o verde e produzir.


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Os ruralistas venceram, mas a vitória trará prejuízos irreparáveis e seu alto preço será pago por todos nós


Evaluating the impacts
Reports & Research
January 2011

This paper analyzes the implications of copper mining in Zambia on customary rights to land and forests, and the societal stakes associated with foreign investment in the mining industry. Copper mining affects forests, and in turn the people with customary rights to those forests, in a number of direct and indirect ways, from deforestation during green site development and selective harvesting of timber to the significant but indirect pressures over forests through infrastructure development and the population pull effect of mining towns.

7 August 2017





The next  inclusive nomination session for funding from the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation opened online on  July 3 2017  and will end on August 11 2017.

Em quase toda a província muitas árvores são derrubadas de forma anárquica  Fotografia: António Soares | Edições Novembro
4 August 2017

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O Governo da Província do Cuando Cubango vai tomar medidas severas contra os cidadãos nacionais e estrangeiros que estão a exercer a actividade de exploração ilegal de madeira, situação que está a provocar uma desertificação crescente na região.


Site verifica desmatamento, degradação e mudanças na ocupação do solo
2 August 2017
1 August 2017

26 July 2017: According to Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) data, only 45 countries worldwide were able to assess changes in forest area and characteristics through consecutive systematic national forest inventories in 2010. The ‘Voluntary Guidelines on Forest Monitoring,’ published by FAO, help address this issue and underpin the tracking of national forestry management commitments under diverse global agreements, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

2 August 2017
  • President Temer, influenced by the rural lobby in congress whose votes he needs to not be tried by the Supreme Court on corruption charges, has okayed new criteria meant to delegitimize indigenous land boundary claims, legal experts say.
  • One rule rejects any indigenous demarcation of land where Indians were not physically present on a traditional territory in 1988, which would disqualify many legitimate claims.