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December 2009

The articles in this volume supplement FAO Land Tenure Studies 10, Compulsory acquisition of land and compensation. The latter publication explains what compulsory acquisition and compensation are and what constitutes good practice in this area. This current volumes introductory article provides an overview of these issues. The issue of compulsory acquisition from a human rights perspective is also addressed here as are the concepts of market value, compensation value and just terms compensation.

23 May 2017

Date: 20 mai 2017

Source: Web Manager Center

Le Conseil des ministres de vendredi 19 mai à La Kasbah a adopté dix décrets gouvernementaux, dont certains sont relatifs à l’expropriation pour cause d’utilité publique pour la réalisation de projets publics.

Voici les décrets adoptés:

December 1971

This Act provides for the establishment and constitution of Central Planning Authority and the establishment of the Development Control Board for purposes of control on development of land and the planning of development in the Cayman Islands. The Act also concerns acquisition and disposal of land for planning purposes. The Board or the Authority, as the case may be, shall assess and grant permission for proposed development. The Act also establishes an Infrastructure Fund and contains some provisions relative to development on the foreshore.

November 1994

These Measures are formulated to implement the Grassland Law of the People’s Republic of China in Shaanxi Province.

September 2009

El presente Decreto modifica el que reglamenta las disposiciones relativas a las determinantes de ordenamiento del suelo rural y al desarrollo de actuaciones urbanísticas de parcelación y edificación en este tipo de suelo, respecto a la obligación de definir la clasificación de los usos industriales en los planes de ordenamiento territorial teniendo en cuenta el impacto ambiental y urbanístico que producen y estableciendo su compatibilidad respecto de los demás usos permitidos.

January 1978

This Act establishes the Port Authority for Montserrat and defines its functions and powers. The Act also makes provision with respect to compulsory acquisition of land by the Authority and defines certain rules applying to port operations and navigation in ports. Some provisions concern the storage of perishable goods. The Governor may with the advice of the Authority, make Regulations generally for the conveyance, loading, discharging and storage of dangerous goods within the limits of a port.

Implemented by: Port Authority Regulations (Cap. 7.09) (2002-01-01)

August 2000

This Act provides for the protection of the tenant cultivator's rights from any abuse or prevarication by the landowner. It prescribes the right of the tenant to be the first one informed about the sale of the paddy land he/she is cultivating, it forbids unlawful eviction from the cultivated land, it provides for the payment of rent and the exemption from payment in case paddy land has not been cultivated or has not produced any agricultural commodities for force majeure.

January 1992

This Act concerns the acquisition of land for public purposes. The Act (46 sections, 1 Schedule) is divided into 9 Parts: Preliminary (I), Acquisition of land (II), Procedure for compulsory acquisition of land (III), Claims for assessment and payment of compensation (V), Compensation for agricultural land required for resettlement purposes Va), Derelict Land Board (VI), Provisions relating to derelict land (VII), Special provisions relating to the Administrative Court (VIII), General (IX).