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October 2003

"Article 1. Objectives of the Land Law:

The objectives of the Land Law are to determine the regime on the management, protection and use of land in order to ensure efficiency and conformity with [land-use] objectives1 and with laws and regulations[,] and to contribute to national socio-economic development as well as to the protection of the environment and national borders of the Lao People's Democratic Republic."

By: Chris Arsenault 
Date: August 30th 2016
Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

"People are actually dying because of this issue"

RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug 30 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In Brazil's Amazon where no-one knows who exactly owns a swathe of territory the size of Ukraine, a lack of formal property deeds is causing conflict, greater deforestation and environmental damage, researchers said on Tuesday.

August 2013

Economic development has brought about,
the decline in contribution of the agricultural sector to
the economy of Sri Lanka, and, consistent with this economic
transformation, the structure of employment also changed.
Thus, as labor migrates away from agriculture, the
productivity, for those who remain in the land, needs to
increase significantly. This report examines the constraints
to promoting more rapid agricultural, and rural non-farm