customary law

June 2008

This Act provides rules for the registration of title or other interests in land and related matters and provides for the form of transfer of title in land or other interest in land such as mortgages, caveats, leases and easements.There shall continue to be a Registrar of Land who shall be the Chief Executive Officer responsible for the administration of this Act. The Registrar may delegate the Registrar’s powers and functions to the Assistant Registrar of Land.

April 2013

This Act provides for the establishment of Customary Land Advisory Commission. The Commission shall, among other things: (a) recommend to Cabinet suggested measures for the facilitation, encouragement and promotion of the economic use of customary land in Samoa; (b) review all laws affecting customary land in Samoa and make recommendations to Cabinet for changes to such laws where such are necessary for the facilitation, encouragement and promotion of the economic use of customary land.

February 1983

This Act concerns Communal land. Communal land shall consist of land which, immediately before the 1st of February, 1983, was Tribal Trust Land in terms of the Tribal Trust Act, 1979 (Act No. 6 of 1979), subject to any additions thereto or substractions therefrom made in terms of section 6 of this Act (sect. 3). Communal land shall vest in the President, who shall permit it to be occupied and used in accordance with this Act. Provisions of Part III deal with occupation and use of Communal Land.

September 1986

Cette loi porte Code foncier.

June 2001

La presente Resolución aprueba la Directiva que precisa la normatividad aplicable y establece normas que regulan el adecuado y uniforme procedimiento de inscripción de las Comunidades Nativas en el correspondiente libro del Registro de Personas Jurídicas.

Implementa: Decreto Ley Nº 22.175 - Ley de Comunidades Nativas y de Desarrollo Agrario de la Selva y Ceja de Selva. (1978-05-09)
Revocado por: Resolución Nº 122/13/SUNARP - Directiva que regula la Inscripción de los actos y derechos de las Comunidades Nativas. (2013-05-29)

August 2008

Las presentes disposiciones tienen por objeto la creación, en el ámbito del Ministerio de Agricultura, de la Comisión Asesora de Asuntos Indígenas, cuyo objetivo será servir de instancia coordinadora en materias de promoción y seguimiento de la ejecución de planes, proyectos y programas orientados a la solución de problemáticas y necesidades de las poblaciones indígenas.

National Policies
January 2016

The National Land Use Policy aims at enhancing people’s food security, water resource development, improvement of transportation, economic and business development, and protection of environment and cultural heritage.

November 2010

La Comisión Nacional de demarcación del hábitat y tierras de los pueblos indígenas y comunidades indígenas, tendrá por objeto promover, asesorar y coordinar todo lo relativo al proceso nacional de demarcación del hábitat y tierras de los pueblos y comunidades indígenas.

Implementa: Ley de demarcación y garantía del hábitat y tierras de los pueblos indígenas. (2001-01-12)

February 1995

For the purposes of this Act there is hereby established an office to be known as the Central Land Record Office which shall be responsible for the administration of the provisions of this Act and be the central repository of copies of all records of customary land holdings. These offices shall be managed by the Judicial and Legal Service Commission acting as National Recorder. Tasks of the National Recorder are set out in section 7 and include registration of customary land. "Customary land" has the meaning ascribed thereto in section 2 of the Land and Titles Act Titles.

December 1967

The Act makes provision for certain aspects of district administration and the recognition, appointment and functions of Chiefs and Village Headmen. The Act sets out the functions and powers of various local public officers and in particular of Chiefs. They shall carry out the traditional functions of the office under customary law in so far as the discharge of such functions is not contrary to the Constitution or any written law.