control rights

Control rights refer to the right to supervise the management of a property. They may include rights to make a decision about how the land should be used.

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November 2015

The promulgation of the Kenyan Constitution 2010 brought into place concerns about the urgency for land reform. Land reforms hold the key to solving some of Kenya’s greatest challenges such as landlessness, community cohesion, food security and sustainable development. Land reforms lie at the heart of the work of the National Land Commission (NLC) and Kituo cha Sheria and they are also at the heart of many Kenyan communities who live, work and rely on land. Information contained in the book goes a long way in educating these communities about their land rights.

18 July 2017

A demarcação de terras indígenas foi regularizada na constituição de 1988, quando foi estabelecido que os direitos dos índios sobre as terras tradicionalmente ocupadas por eles são de natureza originária e que os indígenas têm a posse das terras que são bens da União.

Segundo a Fundação Nacional do Índio (Funai), há cerca de 300 povos indígenas e 462 Terras Indígenas regularizadas no Brasil, o que corresponde a 12,2% do território nacional.

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December 2015

A Bill for AN ACT of Parliament to consolidate the laws relating to energy, to provide for National and County Government functions in relation to energy,to provide for the establishment, powers and functions of the energy sector entities; promotion of renewable energy; exploration, recovery and commercial utilization of geothermal energy; regulation of midstream and downstream petroleum and coal activities; regulation, production, supply and use of electricity and other energy forms; and for connected purposes.

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November 2016

O presente trabalho tem como objectivo compreender o que caracteriza os processos de solicitação, tramitação das solicitações e concessão de DUATs em Moçambique, olhando para diferentes zonas, género, tipo de agricultor e tipo de produção, assim como apresentar as vantagens e desvantagens de registar os direitos, consideradas pelos grupos-alvo entrevistados. O estudo realizado nas províncias de Nampula e Zambézia revela que os processos de concessão de DUATs têm sido diferenciados consoante a zona, o produtor e a autoridade encarregue do processo e a finalidade.

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July 2012

The acquisition of land by foreigners in developing countries has emerged as a key mechanism for foreign direct investment (FDI). FDI is defined by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) as the category of international investment that reflects the objective of a resident entity in one economy to obtain a lasting interest in an enterprise resident in another economy.

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May 2012

Fiscal instruments are tools that governments use to manage revenue and expenditure and therefore influence the growth (or stability) of the various sectors of the economy. Government revenue is derived primarily through taxation. In Kenya, land taxation has contributed less than 1% of government revenue for the past three years. The Sessional Paper No.

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June 2017

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