common lands

24 April 2017 to 12 May 2017
Joana Rocha Dias
Henrique Pires dos Santos


12 April 2017

Indigenous Peoples and community advocates in Brazil, Guatemala, Kenya, Taiwan, and 21 other countries to take action for community land rights, April 22-29 (Earth Day)

5 April 2017 to 6 April 2017


India International Centre 110003 New Delhi

Land Governance for Accelerated and Inclusive Development

5-6 April, 2017, New Delhi, India



Autor: Flávia Oliveira, O Globo


Parte das terras da Fazenda Soares, que pertencera a meu bisavô, o negro João de Deus Neves, foi reconhecida pela Fundação Cultural Palmares

Reports & Research
November 2016

This thematic study presents an analysis of customary tenure arrangements in Myanmar and identifies key challenges and opportunities for strengthening the recognition of customary tenure in the country. Drawing on examples from various regions and states, the study highlights key features of customary tenure systems, which vary depending on history, geography, resource base, ethnicity and social organization. It shows that customary tenure includes both communal land and private plots claimed by individuals or households, such as paddy land or permanent upland crops.

28 February 2017

Date: 28 février 2017

Source: La Nouvelle Tribune

Par Pascal Mensah

«Harmonisation du processus de mise en œuvre du code foncier et domanial au niveau communal», c’est le thème de l’atelier qui a réuni depuis ce lundi dans la commune de Savalou le bureau exécutif de l’Association nationale des communes du Bénin (Ancb) et les experts en gestion domaniale et foncière.

1 March 2017

By: M Rahmat Ulhaz

Date: 28 February 2017

Source: Mongabay

KALAODI, Indonesia  — August through September is clove harvest season here in this corner of the Maluku Islands. The scent of clove flowers pierces the air over the winding, precipitous roads that lead to Kalaodi.

Reports & Research
February 2017

Amid the realities of major political turbulence, there was growing recognition in 2016 that the land rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities are key to ensuring peace and prosperity, economic development, sound investment, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. Despite equivocation by governments, a critical mass of influential investors and companies now recognize the market rationale for respecting community land rights.