co-ownership rights

The law that refers to divided or undivided shares, that are owned by more than one co-owners

Journal Articles & Books
December 2002

Landesa (Formerly Rural Development Institute, RDI) Report on Foreign Aid and Development No. 116.

Reports & Research
December 2013

"This paper examines the Alatona Irrigation Project in Mali, which converted almost 5,000 hectares of Sahel scrubland into high-value irrigated farmland. One of the project’s key components was its land allocation activity, through which the irrigated land was transferred from the state to beneficiary families, with a particular focus on ensuring women had access to and control over land.

Reports & Research
December 2015

"This paper explores the effect of land titling on agricultural productivity in Vietnam and the productivity effects of single versus joint titling for spouses. The results show that obtaining a land title is associated with higher yields, for both individually and jointly held titles. The study concludes that there is no tradeoff between joint titling and productivity, and so joint titles are potentially an effective way to improve women’s bargaining power within the household with no associated efficiency losses."