capital value (land)

The capital value of a property is what a property will sell for.

1 December 2017


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In developing countries, it is almost impossible to determine fair values for rural land. That’s because traditional valuation approaches – like the comparable sales method – don’t work in thin markets, and don’t take into account environmental, social, and cultural value that communities place on their land.
19 November 2017

Un informe elaborado por la ONG vasca Mugarik Gabe revela las actuaciones de las principales transnacionales que operan en ese país centroamericano. ACS e Hidralia Energía acumulan denuncias por persecución y criminalización contra los lugareños que no cedieron ante sus proyectos.



Por Danilo Albin

27 September 2017




O Brasil vai lançar um vasto plano de privatização de territórios naturais, como praias paradisíacas, florestas virgens e centenas de ilhas, susceptíveis de atrair investidores, disse o ministro do Turismo do país, Marx Beltrão.

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October 2016

The nature and significance of China's engagements with African agriculture continues to be hotly debated in the media, academia and policy circles around the world. Although China has been engaged in Uganda’s agriculture for more than 40 years, the recent jostle for agricultural land by private Chinese investors is dystifying and justifies the need to conduct a scientific study to provide clear evidence before the issue gets bundled into the messy anecdotal media inquiry.

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January 2017

This gender study forms part of the International Land Coalition’s ‘Commercial Pressures on Land Initiative’ Global Study. As stated by the International Land Coalition (ILC), the goal of this initiative is to support the efforts of ILC members and other stakeholders to influence global, regional and national processes on land to enable secure and equitable access to land for poor women and men in the face of increasing commercial demand for land (ILC 2010a, emphasis added).

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December 2016

The potential contribution of land based financing to the development of sustainable and equitable cities and properly serviced communities is often underestimated. Land based financing is a collective name given to a range of instruments by which local governments could expand their revenue base and generate funds that will help them to deliver services and infrastructure development and achieve their maintenance goals.

south africa township
29 August 2017
South Africa
Hong Kong

Last month, the South African Independent Electoral Commission announced in frustration that it needs USD 22.9 million to collect addresses ahead of a court-mandated deadline, a problem compounded by the fact that most townships don’t have well-marked street names.

kenya development projects
22 August 2017

When looking to buy a home or other property in the U.S., location is typically at the top of the list—many buyers value properties with access to amenities like schools, parks, and an easy commute. But is that value shared by home buyers in developing countries? University of Illinois economist Hope Michelson looked at property transactions in Kenya near what she assumed would be a highly desirable location and found the real estate mantra, "location, location, location," wasn't necessarily the guiding principle there.


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Reports & Research
June 1998
Southern Africa

There is widespread belief among development specialists that land tenure security is a necessary but not sufficient condition for economic development.