A public record, survey, or map of the value, extent, and ownership of land as a basis of taxation.

image d’illustration – Spéculation foncière : le Mali sur une poudrière ?

Date: 31 janvier 2017

Source: Mali Actu

Par C. L.

Colonisation, traditions, religion. Trois législations se disputent le marché de la terre en Afrique et font régner la loi du plus fort. Que disent les campagnes ?

Dans les malles des colons français, il y avait parfois des cadeaux empoissonnés. L’article 544 du code civil français, stipulant le titre de propriété privée, “absolu, exclusif, perpétuel”, que l ‘on entendait appliquer sur les terres africaines, faisait partie du lot.

Policy Papers & Briefs
February 2003

The following document provides an overview of the land issues in Rwanda and the new Land
Policy and Land Law and identifies some of the key challenges for implementation, from the
perspective of the DFID appointed Land Policy Specialist to MINITERE.

Reports & Research
December 2016

Across most contexts, government data sources on land are largely inaccessible, from land administration data, such as parcel data and ownership information to land investments, contract data and even policy information. In considering data on property ownership specifically, the latest version of the Open Data Barometer shows only two countries, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, obtained a full 100% score on the topic of Land Ownership. When this land administration data is made available, it is commonly made public via a web portal rather than as open data.

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