cadastral register

The term cadastral register may include registers for any of the different types of cadastral systems identified in the definition of cadastres.

24 March 2017
  • Only 30% of the world’s population has a legally registered title to their land.
  • As discussed at the Land and Poverty Conference 2017, secure land rights are important for reducing poverty and boosting shared prosperity at the country, community, and family levels.
  • The World Bank supports countries to secure land rights for their populations, especially women, Indigenous Peoples, and other vulnerable groups.

By Nghia Le Trung, Chairman of the Advisory Council, National Center for Research and Development of Open Technologies (RDOT), Ministry of Science and Technology of Vietnam

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25 January 2017

Date: 25 janvier 2017


Reports & Research
December 2016

Across most contexts, government data sources on land are largely inaccessible, from land administration data, such as parcel data and ownership information to land investments, contract data and even policy information. In considering data on property ownership specifically, the latest version of the Open Data Barometer shows only two countries, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, obtained a full 100% score on the topic of Land Ownership. When this land administration data is made available, it is commonly made public via a web portal rather than as open data.


Date: 11 novembre 2016

Source: La Vie Eco

Les propriétaires devraient affluer à la suite de la baisse des droits ad valorem pour l’enrôlement des réquisitions. Seulement 19% des terres agricoles étaient immatriculés à fin 2015. A cause des oppositions, une procédure d’immatriculation peut durer entre 3 et 5 ans, au lieu d’une année en théorie.