land rights

land rights
23 May 2017

Property rights is not an academic research topic or a niche issue. It’s a global concern that needs to be understood by all of us

What would happen if you suddenly lost your home? Beyond bricks and mortar, this is a safe place for you and your family. It’s your sanctuary, a space which is yours. If you were forced from it tomorrow, with no alternative, how would you survive?

22 May 2017

In countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar, tens of thousands face eviction with few tools to fight back

Residents of a village in Hanoi's outskirts took 38 officials and policemen hostage recently in protest against what they claimed was the illegal seizure of their land by a telecommunications firm owned by the military.

The stand-off riveted the nation, and also highlighted the persistence of land disputes in a region where rapid development is pitting large commercial interests against longstanding communities.

22 May 2017

Date: 18/05/2017 

Source: Mediaterre

Le Centre pour l’environnement et développement (le CED) a lancé « l’Atlas des colères et résistances communautaires en Afrique. », dans le sillage d’un  l’appel mondial à l’action (Global call action) qui vise à engager et à mobiliser les communautés, les organisations, les gouvernements et les particuliers du monde entier en faveur de la promotion et de la sécurisation des droits fonciers des peuples autochtones et des communautés locales.

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Reports & Research
May 2017

London Mining Network is an alliance of human rights, development, environmental and solidarity groups working in support of communities around the world who are badly affected by mining companies based in, or financed from, London.

One such company is Antofagasta plc, one of the larger mining companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. The majority of its operations are in Chile. The most significant shareholders in Antofagasta are members of the Luksic family, a wealthy Chilean family which is also involved in a number of other businesses.

21 May 2017


The Indigenous community has demanded that authorities investigate the killing.

An Indigenous community leader in Mexico has been assassinated alongside his brother, Mexico’s La Jornada newspaper, as the country’s human rights situation continues to spark national and international alarm just days after the murder of a renowned veteran journalist.

November 2001

This Decree regulates the agrarian reform and the management of natural resources in Indonesia. It shall be a process of sustainable restructuring, monitoring, ownership and exploration of such resources.

January 1968