land inheritance rights


Legal provisions applying in case of territorial succession.

Despite murderous attacks, Tanzania's 'witches' fight for land

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


NYASHANA, Tanzania (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - As Tanzanian widow Ruth Zacharia raised her right arm to protect her skull from a volley of machete blows, her three attackers sliced through her hand.

She fell to the floor; one leg slid into the kitchen fire.

"They said: 'We have been sent by our mother because you killed our father so that you could buy that land'," the 63-year-old recalled, fidgeting with her stiff, scarred right hand.

"I said: 'I am not a witch'... They started cutting me all over."

"We have inherited not only a piece of land, but also the responsibility to turn it into a home"

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June 2014

A focus edition on family farming would hardly be credible without giving the family farmers themselves an opportunity to speak. We talked to Moses Munyi, the owner of a six-hectare farm in Embu, Kenya, about his everyday life and about his views of the prospects for farming in the future.

Women's Property and Inheritance Rights: Improving Lives in a Changing Time

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December 2003

Full citation: Steinzor, N., "Women's Property and Inheritance Rights: Improving Lives in a Changing Time" FINAL SYNTHESIS AND CONFERENCE PROCEEDINGS PAPER (USAID and WIDtech 2003).

Women, Marriage and Asset Inheritance in Uganda

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December 2011

"The study uses a combination of qualitative and quantitative research. The first phase involved interviewing focus groups and key informants about assets held by men and women in the communities and on patterns of acquisition and social norms surrounding asset ownership and inheritance. The second phase was a household and intra-household survey. Life-history interviews were also conducted. The study found that many women gain access to land or ownership through their marital relationships. Both husbands and wives often indicate that land is owned jointly.