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Commercial Pressures on Land

The index below gives access to publications and resources related to land and gender issues, classified by contributing organizations.


Extracted from the FAO Corporate Document Repository

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IFPRI Land Publications: 21 entries

Recovered from the IFPRI e-brary

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2012 Global food policy reportYear of Publication: 2013
2012 Annual ReportYear of Publication: 2013
Agricultural mechanization in GhanaYear of Publication: 2013
Who owns the land?Year of Publication: 2011
Jessore and TongiYear of Publication: 2003
Land dispute resolution in MozambiqueYear of Publication: 2001

World Bank Land Publications: 31 entries

Extracted from the World Bank's Documents & Reports database

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landwise Land Publications: 37 entries

Extracted from LandWise: A Women & Land Library, a project of the Landesa Center for Women's Land Rights

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Acquisition of Land Act of BahamasYear of Publication: 1913
Acquisition of Land Act of BermudaYear of Publication: 1970
Land Acquisition Act, 1983Year of Publication: 1983
Land Acquisition ActYear of Publication: 1992
Land Acquisition Act 1965Year of Publication: 1965
Land Acquisition Act of JamaicaYear of Publication: 1947
Land Acquisition Act 1960Year of Publication: 1960
Land Acquisition Act of SingaporeYear of Publication: 1967
Land Acquisition Act, 1894Year of Publication: 1894
Land Acquisition Act, 1967Year of Publication: 1967
Laws of Zambia: land laws (Volume 12)Year of Publication: 1996
Orissa Bhoodan and Gramdan Act, 1970Year of Publication: 1970
State Acquisition and Tenancy ActYear of Publication: 1950
  In southwest Cambodia, at the foot of the Cardamom Mountains, is a single dirt road that meanders through the heart of the pristine Areng valley. Ten miles down this road, villagers have...
News, views and experiences of policy makers, practitioners, academics and communities on making rangelands more secure.
An international conference 5-7 March 2014, Stellenbosch, South Africa What are the implications of public and private agricultural investments for rural livelihoods, gender relations, and...
Policymakers and media organisations are ignoring the fact that African middle classes and local ruling elites are the biggest drivers of the transfer of land ownership on the continent over the last...
En 2001, l’Europe lançait « tout sauf les armes ». Ce programme permet à une cinquantaine de pays pauvres d’exporter vers l’Europe sans s’acquitter de droit de douanes. Mais Bruxelles n’avait pas...
(Nairobi) – New satellite imagery shows extensive clearance of land used by indigenous groups to make way for state-run sugar plantations in Ethiopia’s Lower Omo Valley, Human Rights...
The news from the Department of Agriculture this week wasn’t good. The USDA’s dour projections suggest that, after a record five-year boom in crop prices, that bubble is set to burst,...
Pour rattraper le retard en matière de financement du secteur, 24 millions d’hectares ont été mis à disposition d’investisseurs privés. Riz, café, hévéa, ils peuvent tout produire...
Herakles Farms a entrepris de faire, dans la région sud-ouest du Cameroun, une plantation de palmiers à huile de 20 000 hectares qui se heurte à la forte opposition des communautés concernées....
“Nadie nos preguntó, y desde que llegaron hemos pasado hambre”. Sentada bajo un inmenso árbol, rodeada de la mayoría de su aldea, Djanabu Valde se lamenta de la llegada de Agrogeba, una empresa...
Oakland, CA – In a historic move, the US Congress has taken a stance on land grabs-related human rights abuses in Ethiopia. The 2014 Omnibus Appropriations Bill contains provisions that ensure that...
Oxford, UK (20 January 2014) – A Forest Peoples Programme report published today reveals the severe impacts of Peru’s biggest gas project on indigenous peoples in “voluntary...
The area around Wum in the Northwest Province of Cameroon is notorious as a conflict hotspot. As pressure increases on available land, conflicts occur more frequently between sedentary family farmers...
How to manage China’s farmland for sustainable development has become a crucial issue of concern for both policy-makers and the wider public. Rural land acquisition has been widely recognized as a...
Face aux difficultés enregistrées en Afrique par leurs projets d’investissements agricoles pour assurer la sécurisation de leurs approvisionnements, les pays du Golfe réorientent leur stratégie d’...
Following Argentina’s economic crisis in 2001, the country leaned heavily on mining and large-scale agribusiness (especially soy) to reinvigorate its ailing economy. The expansion of these industries...
25 Membres du Parlement Européen ont écrit une lettre (ici) exprimant leur préoccupations quant à l’accaparement de terres  en Colombie ainsi que à propos des projets visant à modifier la loi...
International Human Rights Day is the day to send reminders from around the world to Jairam Ramesh, India’s Minister for Rural Development, to keep the promises he made one year ago to 100 000...
La video hace referencia a una carta (aquí) con la cual 25 Eurodiputads expresaron su preocupación por el fenómeno de acumulación de tierras en Colombia y el proyecto de modificar la ley que...
Lamu county governor Issa Timammy yesterday ordered for the immediate arrest and prosecution of all land grabbers in his county. He gave security personnel two weeks to bring all the suspects...
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