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VIDEO "Ethiopia at centre of global farmland rush"

It’s the deal of the century: £150 a week to lease more than 2,500 sq km (1,000 sq miles) of virgin, fertile land – an area the size of Dorset – for 50 years. Bangalore-based food company Karuturi Global says it had not even seen the land when it was offered by the Ethiopian government with tax breaks thrown in.

A case study of the Bechera agricultural development project, Ethiopia

This paper analyses the impacts on local communities and environments generated by an investment project known as the Bechera Agricultural Development Project, located in the Western part of Oromiya Regional State, Western Shoa Zone, Bako Tibe Woreda.

Ethiopia: A country for sale

Supposing someone offered you the following land deal: would you take it or would you walk away believing it to be too good to be true?

For £150 a week ($245), you can lease more than 2,500 square kilometres of virgin, fertile land - an area the size of Dorset, England - for 50 years, plus generous tax breaks.

African Land, Up For Grabs

Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi, a citizen of Saudi Arabia, spends his time shuttling between Riyadh and Ethiopia, where he was born in a village 64 years ago.

Agrocarburants: impacts au Sud ?

Longtemps considérée comme une panacée face aux changements climatiques, la production d’agrocarburants pose problème. En particulier en Asie, en Amérique latine et en Afrique, où elle prend le plus souvent la forme de vastes monocultures – de canne, de palme, de soja… – aux mains de l’agro-industrie.

Conference Papers for the "International Conference on Global Land Grabbing"

The Conference Papers submitted for the “International Conference on Global Land Grabbing” (IDS, Brighton, 6-8 April 2011) are being uploaded on the Future Agricultures website.
Follow the link below to download them

Quand l’Ethiopie ne touche plus terre

Pour bon nombre d’observateurs, il s’agit d’une conséquence des récentes crises financière et alimentaire. Dès 2008, tout particulièrement en Afrique, les gouvernements des pays en voie de développement ont cédé des surfaces grandissantes de terres arables aux firmes étrangères des pays riches.

Transforming African Economies for Sustained Growth, Poverty Reduction

Accra—Policymakers, African experts, and international researchers are convening here on May 10-11 to discuss important opportunities and challenges related to economic development, urbanization, and industrialization on the continent.

LDPI Working Paper 2: The role of foreign investment in Ethiopia’s smallholder-focused agricultural development strategy

Recent foreign agricultural investment in Africa has generated a great deal of interest and criticism, with western media warning of a neo-colonial ‘land grab’. This paper moves beyond this narrow assessment by examining the political and social dynamics of foreign agricultural investment in Ethiopia, a country which has figured prominently in recent debates.

Ethiopia: Loopholes in Land Lease Contracts Raise Many Questions

The Ethiopian Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development recently released the Land Rent Contractual Agreements for land leases between the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE) and twenty-four companies or individuals; now available for downloading from the SMNE’s website: http://www.

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