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Land, Rural Livelihoods and Food Security in Cambodia

The myths of global land grabbing untangled

This week the three day international conference on Global Land Grabbing will start in Brighton, United Kingdom. The issue of land grabbing has been on the agenda for some years now, but it seems to me that the academic focus is changing. This is my conclusion on the outcome of the “The Global Land Rush” seminar that took place on 24 March at the Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

Revealed: the bitter taste of Cambodia’s sugar boom

Scrambling to take advantage of the EU’s Everything But Arms (EBA) treaty, which allows duty-free, quota-free access to Europe for Cambodian goods, Cambodia’s agro-barons are trampling human rights underfoot, according to campaigners. Western companies have been accused of being complicit, seeking out the cheapest sugar, whatever the consequences.

New Series of Articles "Global Land Grab"

Development, the Society for International Development’s flagship journal, has just published its first issue of the year entitled ‘Global Land Grabs’

It features the following free articles:

Editorial: No More Black Fridays - Wendy Harcourt
Illustrates how graphic unsustainability of consumerism and global land grabs as two sides of the same coin

VIDEO "Asia Pacific indigenous activists say “No to REDD”"

In this short video, “Lives of the Forest,” indigenous activists from the Asia Pacific region speak out against REDD. “We find that the way [the international community] took decisions for passing through this REDD mechanism is in complete exclusion of the indigenous peoples,” says Jiten Yumnam of the Meitei people in Manipur, India.

VIDEO "Cambodia: Indigenous Land Crisis In Ratanakiri"

Video documentary on the land crisis in Ratanakiri province for indigenous people in Cambodia.

Monks Fight to Get Cambodian Forests on the Carbon Market

For years, the guardians of Sorng Rukavorn forest have drifted through the muted greens and grays of the underbrush in their saffron robes. In the far north of Cambodia, the monks live in what should be peaceful isolation, but all too often they have had to fend off incursions on this land.

The Global Land Rush: What’s real and what are the myths?

Together with the global Land Action Research Network and Dutch based LANDac, the journal of Development put together a series of articles on global land grabs as the first issue of Development volume 54 on Sustainability. The journal issue was launched a seminar ‘The global land rush: What’s real and what are the myths?

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Update 2010: Rural women’s access to land and property in selected countries

In 2004, FAO, IFAD, and the International Land Coalition (ILC) jointly published a report on progress towards the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), with respect to the status of rural women.

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Whose Lands? Whose Resources?

Shalmali Guttal looks at shifts in agriculture policy in Cambodia and Laos as governments aim to transform the structures of their agriculture towards greater commercialization and markets. She argues this has far reaching impacts on rural social structures, and rural peoples’ access to land and security of tenure.

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