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Making Rangelands Secure Bulletin No. 5

News, views and experiences of policy makers, practitioners, academics and communities on making rangelands more secure.

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Participatory Land Use Planning as a Tool for Community Empowerment in Northern Tanzania

This paper presents several case studies to show how the Ujamaa Community Resource Team (UCRT) has been working within Tanzania’s legal and policy framework to support a diverse range of pastoralists, agro-pastoralists and hunter-gatherers, all of whom face

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Broken Lands, Broken Lives? Causes, processes and impacts of land fragementation in the rangelands of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda

The report considers the causes, processes and impacts of rangeland fragmentation on pastoralists in Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. Causes and processes include privatisation of resources, commercial investment, invasion of land by non-native plants, commercialisation including growth in individual enclosures, and conservation/National Parks.

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Women and Land

Here it is an important book on Women’s Land Rights, published by the International Development Research Centre.

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Making Rangelands Secure: Past Experience and Future Options

Significant progress has been made over the past decade or so in the development of policy and legislation that support the recognition of customary rights to land, with important legal rulings in Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, South Sudan, and South Africa.

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Village land use planning in rangelands in Tanzania

This document, developed by the Sustainable Rangeland Management Project (SRMP), seeks to
suggest improvements to the VLUP process in order to better contribute to sustainable rangeland
management. It brings together experience from different organisations and government
departments working on VLUP in rangelands areas of Tanzania, as well as relevant lessons
from other contexts.

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This is the second Bulletin from the learning initiative: Making Rangelands Secure.  The initiative is led by ILC, with partners IFAD, Procasur, RECONCILE and WISP (World Initiative for Sustainable Pastoralism). The Initiative seeks to identify and communicate good practice on making rangelands secure for local rangeland users.

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Making Rangelands Secure Bulletin Issue 1.

News, views and experiences on securing rights to rangelands from East Africa and beyond.

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Interview of Rajagopal PV, President of Ekta Parishad

Have a look at the interview of Rajagopal PV, President of the indian social movement Ekta Parishad, about Jan Satyagraha - March for Justice 2012. In October 2012, more than 100 000 landless and marginalised people will walk from Gwalior to Delhi during one month to claim, in a non-violent way, for their rights to land and natural ressources.

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Guatemala: The War Over Land - By Danilo Valladares

GUATEMALA CITY, Sept 12, 2011 (IPS) - The violent eviction of 91 rural families in northern Guatemala was the latest incident in the ageold conflict over land in a country where the army is frequently called in to force peasant farmers off their land.

“This has been the government with the most violent stance against the campesino (peasant) struggle.

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Global Women's Submission for the Rio+20 zero-draft document

Below you can find excerpts of the Women’s Major Group submission for the consultation on the Zero-Draft of  the Outcome Document for Rio+20. I invite you to read the full submission on the official Rio+20 website.

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How can women’s land rights be secured?

THIS DISCUSSION IS NOW CLOSED - check the synthesis (English | Español |

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