Extractive Industries

Yanomami in Venezuela demand land rights

Date: April 28th 2016
Source: Survival International

Last month Yanomami representatives in Venezuela handed in a demand to the state government for the recognition of their territory.

Gaps in Land Policy Could Stall Uganda Pipeline

By: Lizabeth Paulat
Date: April 27th 2016
Source: Voice of America News

KAMPALA, UGANDA—Uganda has just finalized a deal to build a pipeline to Tanzania’s Tanga port, a deal that brings the country a step closer to exploiting its vast oil reserves. But gaps in land governance law could stand in the way.

Malawi 'Land Grab' - Traders Move in On Asian Land

By Mphatso Nkhoma
Date: April 4th 2016
Source: AllAfrica.com / Nyasa Times

Local business traders in the capital city Lilongwe has grabbed land belonging to an Asian businessman in Malangalanga which is to be shared among them.

According to the 'land grab 'group spokesperson, Fredrick Malata, they are going to share the land to develop it and build their shops

Malata said they decided to grab the land because it has been staying idle for over 12 years.

Greenpeace reveals Indonesia's forests at risk as multiple companies claim rights to same land​

By: Karl Mathiesen
Date: April 2nd 2016
Source: The Guardian

Collusion between private sector and government exacerbating problems, says corruption official

Indonesia’s palm oil, mining and logging industries are enmeshed in a cat’s cradle of overlapping land claims and corruption that are hampering attempts to stop deforestation and fires, newly released maps reveal.

Thailand: Protest over Mineral Bill that ‘kills local communities’ rights’

By: Pratch Rujivanarom & Prapasri Ostanon
Date: March 29th 2016
Source: The Nation

ACTIVISTS have warned that the proposed Mineral Bill would severely violate human rights by allowing mining firms to drive people off their lands and give the state absolute power to manage mineral resources.


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