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Resources available online "International Conference on Global Land Grabbing"

All papers, powerpoints, news releases, photos, commentaries of the “International Conference on Global Land Grabbing” are now available online

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Washington D.C., 19 de abril del 2011-   El Land Portal (Portal de la Tierra), una plataforma en línea para encontrar, compartir y colaborar en torno a información sobre la tierra, se lanzó el día de hoy en la conferencia anual del Banco Mundial sobre la tierra y la pobreza.

VIDEO "One cent per square metre: Dutch TV programme finds out the cost of Brazil’s rainforest"

Keuringsdienst van Waarde is a Dutch TV consumer programme. In a recent two episode series, they looked into offsetting the greenhouse gas emissions caused by viewers of their programme for one year. Their plan was to offset the emissions by buying up a plot of Brazilian rainforest. The results are fascinating, in turns shocking and funny.

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Washington D.C., 19 April 2011 — The Land Portal, an online platform to find, share, and collaborate on land information, was launched today at the annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty.

The Global Land Rush: What’s real and what are the myths?

Together with the global Land Action Research Network and Dutch based LANDac, the journal of Development put together a series of articles on global land grabs as the first issue of Development volume 54 on Sustainability. The journal issue was launched a seminar ‘The global land rush: What’s real and what are the myths?

Tirana Declaration - Declaración de Tirana - Déclaration de Tirana

The International Land Coalition’s (ILC) biennial International Conference and Assembly of Members (AoM) in Tirana, Albania concluded on May 27th 2011.
Key outcomes from this year’s conference included the approval of the Tirana Declaration.

Draft concept note for pilot Whakatane Assessments now open for feedback

7 July, 2011

As mentioned in Forest Peoples Programme’s February E-Newsletter, a meeting was held at the IUCN CEESP Sharing Power conference in Whakatane, Ne

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Transparency in Albanian and Romanian Land Administration

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Albania - land tenure

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Past and Present Land Tenure Systems in Albania

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