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  • Africa is the world’s second-largest and second most-populous continent, after Asia. At about 30.2 million km² (11.7 million sq mi) including adjacent islands, it covers 6% of the Earth’s total surface area and 20.4% of the total land area.[2] With 1.0 billion people (as of 2009, see table) in 61 territories, it accounts for about 14.72% of the world’s human population.

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Land Policy in Africa: A framework of Action to Secure Land Rights, Enhance Productivity and Secure Livelihoods

African governments are increasingly aware that they must take the lead in land policy and
tenure reform, since political interests are at stake.

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Advancing African Agriculture

This paper makes proposals for EU-AU cooperation in support of agricultural development in Africa, focusing on initiatives at regional and continental levels.

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Securing land rights for the poor in Africa

This paper has been prepared for the Commission on the Legal Empowerment of the Poor and it argues for a particular focus on securing land and property rights for the poor in sub-Saharan Africa.

Kenya Land Alliance (KLA)

The Kenya Land Alliance (KLA) is a not-for-profit and non-partisan umbrella network of Civil Society Organisations and Individuals committed to effective advocacy for the reform of policies and law


C.K Patel Building, 6th Floor, Kenyatta Avenue, P.O. Box 2177-20100, Nakuru
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9° 8' 42" N, 40° 29' 22.8228" E
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Land rights in Africa: protecting the interests of vulnerable groups

Land policies in Africa have often overlooked the interests of certain social groups.

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CGIAR Systemwide Program on Collective Action and Property Rights

The Systemwide Program on Collective Action and Property Rights (CAPRi) is one of several inter-center initiatives of the Consultative Group on Int

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Land Rights for African Development: From Knowledge to Action

This document is a collection of briefs that summarizes select papers presented at the 2005 workshop: “Land Rights for African Development: From Knowledge to Action” hosted by UNDPs Drylands Develo

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Investments in agriculture key to reducing poverty in Africa – UN official

This article argues that greater investments in agriculture and rural development will boost economic growth and reduce poverty in Africa, both of which are critical to achieving the global target

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