land reform

Date of publication
January 2005
Geographical focus

This document is a collection of briefs that summarizes select papers presented at the 2005 workshop: “Land Rights for African Development: From Knowledge to Action” hosted by UNDPs Drylands Development Center and the International Land Coalition. The workshop addressed key land tenure issues in Africa that influence food security, environmental sustainability, agricultural intensification, conflict, peace building and broader rural development. The 12 briefs contained in this collection captures  a wide range of issues and reflect on the innovations necessary for securing tenure for the poor under a variety of settings.

Drawing primarily on a series of sectoral papers presented at a UNDP-EC workshop on poverty and the environment in January 1999 and on supplemental materials, this paper attempts to provide an integrated framework for looking at poverty-environment interactions across a number of resource regimes. It seeks to identify common analytical elements, to identify principles that have produced win-win outcomes, and to extract some general principles for policy formulation and implementation.

Date of publication
January 2006
Geographical focus

African governments are increasingly aware that they must take the lead in land policy and
tenure reform, since political interests are at stake. A diverse array of approaches to
strengthening land rights is now emerging, and there are valuable lessons to be shared
between governments, civil society groups and land professionals. The paper is intended to provide the basis for the
development of a platform document to be prepared by the workshop’s organising partners. It provides an analysis of the key issues, challenges and lessons learnt at different levels and based upon the outcomes of recent workshops and conferences on African land issues, so as to assist the workshop in the articulation of a shared vision and rationale for development of an Africa wide policy framework and related guidelines.


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