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Kenya enacts three new land laws

Land Act - Land Registration Act - National Land Commission Act

The Kenyan Parliament recently enacted three new land acts towards the implementation of its intended land reforms as per the Constitution of 2010 and the National Land Policy of 2009.

They can be downloaded in PDF version from the links below.

Land Act: http://www.kenyalaw.org/klr/fileadmin/pdfdownloads/Acts/Land_Act___No_6_of_2012___1_.pdf

Land Registration Act: http://www.kenyalaw.org/klr/fileadmin/pdfdownloads/Acts/Land_Registration_Act___No_3_of_2012_.pdf

National Land Commission Act: http://www.kenyalaw.org/klr/fileadmin/pdfdownloads/Acts/National_Land_Commission_Act___No_5_of_2012_.pdf


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