The UN Secretary General’s Zero Hunger Challenge

I invite you to read the words the UN Secretary General used in Rio to build a world free of hunger (June 21st, 2012). What he defined as "The Zero Hunger Challange" is a collection of five aspirations:

  1. 100% access to adequate food all year round

  2. Zero stunted children under 2 years

  3. All food systems are sustainable

  4. 100% growth in smallholder productivity and income

  5. Zero loss or waste of food

A video on this initiative is available on-line, together with the Zero Hunger Challange flyer, which is also attached below. Two of the points mentioned by Ban Ki Moon are highly relevant to land governance issues (how land is governed, accessed, but also how land is used):

All food systems are sustainable

Ensuring that all farmers, agribusinesses, cooperatives, governments, unions and civil society establish standards for sustainability; verifying their observance and being accountable for them; encouraging and rewarding universal adoption of sustainable and climate-resilient agriculture practices; pursuing cross-sectoral policy coherence (encompassing energy, land use, water and climate); implementing responsible governance of land, fisheries and forests.

100% increase in smallholder productivity and income

Reducing rural poverty and improving wellbeing through encouraging decent work, and increasing smallholders’ income; empowering women, small farmers, fishers, pastoralists, young people, farmer organizations, indigenous people and their communities; improving land tenure, their access to assets and to natural resources, making sure that all investments in agriculture and value chains are responsible and accountable; developing multidimensional indicators for people’s resilience and wellbeing.