Otilia Lux de Coti, new Director of the International Indigenous Women's Forum (FIMI-IIWF)

[From the FIMI website] The International Indigenous Women's Forum (FIMI) Board is pleased to announce the appointment of our sister, Otilia Lux de Coti as FIMI's new Director.

Ms. Otilia Lux de Coti, a Maya Quiche indigenous woman of Guatemala, has a long trajectory in the fight for Indigenous Peoples rights both in her own country's political space as well as in the United Nations' international arena.   

Equipped with a degree in Educational Administration, Ms. Lux de Coti has held several decision-making positions at the national level such as the Minister of Culture and Sports in Guatemala and Member of Congress of the Republic of Guatemala for the WINAQ Political Movement. She has also participated in committees for Women, Extraordinary National Transparency and Indigenous Peoples.

Aside from this, Ms. Otilia Lux de Coti was the Vice President of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues from 2001 to 2007 as well as the Representative of Guatemala to the UNESCO Executive Board between 2004-2007. From 1997 to 1999 she was the Commissioner of the Commission for Historical Clarification on the violation of Human Rights and Acts of violence in Guatemala.

Throughout her career she has received innumerable recognitions and awards, including the notable the Bartolome de las Casas (Spain), Legion of Honor (France) and Francisco Marroquin (Guatemala) awards.

Through solidarity and humility, our sister Otilia has reaffirmed her desire to continue supporting the fight for a more just world where all women and men, children and youth, elderly, indigenous and non-indigenous peoples can live a dignified and full life, free from discrimination and racism.

We invite all of our brothers and sisters from around the world to join us in welcoming Ms. Otilia Lux de Coti and contact her at: otilia.lux@iiwf.org

FIMI's Board: Tarcila Rivera Zea, Lucy Mulenkei, Lea Mackenzie, Vicky Tauli Corpuz

[Photo credit: FIMI-IIWF]