Online discussion on non-violent struggle and land rights - Open until October 1st

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<P>Dear friend,<br>
Ekta Parishad, a people's movement of the landless poor in India, and the Global Movement, are inviting you to participate in the online discussion<br>
'The global need of non-violent struggle around land rights: a path for change?'<br>
It will last from September 10th until September 24th.<br>

Jan Satyagraha – ‘the March for Justice’ - will happen in October 2012 bringing together 100 000 poor villagers, adivasis, dalits and other landless peasants from many states of India in what will be the largest ever non-violent action for land, water and forest rights. Before this, in the end of September 2012, a workshop will take place in Delhi to discuss non-violent dialogue at global level, with partners coming from all over the world. We would be honoured to share a report of key points, stories and questions emerging from this online discussion during this meeting, and in our work to come at global level and in India and bring back to you a report of the workshop.<br>

We eagerly look forward for your inputs into this discussion around non-violent struggles, and to hear about your own experiences and thoughts on this topic. Do not hesitate to share videos and other kind of documents online. The language of the discussion will be mainly english, but you are welcome to make some comments in french and spanish and we will try to translate them if they are not too long, or at least make a resumee of your
inputs in english in the final report. Please spread this invitation to your concerned networks.<br>
Looking forward to meet you online,<br>
In solidarity,<br>
The Ekta Parishad Team<br>
(Ravi Badri, Andrea Winiger and Marie Bohner for this discussion)</P>