Improving a test version of the Observatory

August 7, 2012

The Land Observatory is a project involving those who will contribute, verify and update information on land deals to a web-based platform, and involving those who will explore this information and analyze it. There is no use in developers blindly building a platform without fully understanding the needs and desires of both of those sets of potential users.

So we would like to bring the user community into the development of the platform as soon as possible. But first we would like to have something to show, something for users to experiment with and comment on.

Our developers are working on a prototype of the platform – one that will allow user groups in each of the five countries to experiment with it, decide what works and what doesn't. For this purpose, we will be scheduling co-development workshops in all five pilot countries over coming months.

This will be an opportunity for future users to interact with, test, and work with the technical developers to make the platform most useful for them.

These are the dates or approximate dates:

Laos 18-21 September 2012
Cambodia 25-28 September 2012
Tanzania early November 2012
Madagascar mid November 2012
Peru last week of November 2012