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Training on GLTN’s “Gender Evaluation Criteria for large-scale land tools”

organised by ILC in partnership with GLTN

Training on GLTN’s “Gender Evaluation Criteria for large-scale land tools”

Since 2007, Global Land Tool Network (GLTN)[1] partners have been working on the development, piloting, training and dissemination of the “Gender evaluation criteria for large-scale land tools[2], a tool to judge whether a large scale land intervention is responsive to both women and men’s needs. The criteria have been successfully tested in Ghana, Brazil and Nepal in 2009 and 2010, focusing on municipal master plans, land reform commissions, and land administration systems. In 2011, a training manual on how to use the criteria was also piloted and is now available.

Some ILC members have already worked with the criteria (notably the Huairou Commission and their members who were part of designing and later piloting the tool, and the Uganda Land Alliance who started using the tool in 2011-2012). The upcoming training has the following obejctives:

  1. To train selected  ILC members in the use of the GLTN’s gender evaluation criteria;

  2. To encourage the use of the criteria to develop a baseline of information; and

  3. To build the skills necessary for a number of practitioners to take on a responsibility of training others in future (Training-of-Trainers)

Working Language: The workshop will be conducted in English. No translation or interpretation will be provided. However, the criteria are already available in other languages (including French) and French-speakers with sufficient listening comprehension of English are encourage to apply.

Draft programme:

Day 1 (19 June)

Day 2 (20 June)

Day 3 (21 June)

Day 4 (22 June)

Training-of-trainers only

P.M: Session on adult learning principles and introduction to the training course; allocation of roles at actual training

All participants

Full day on Gender Evaluation Criteria (separate agenda to follow)

All participants

Full day on Gender Evaluation Criteria (separate agenda to follow)

Training-of-trainers only

A.M:  Debrief on training and next steps as facilitators


Expected Outputs of the Training:

  1. ILC members trained in the use of the evaluation criteria for use in their countries.

  2. A pool of trainers trained to facilitate the use of the evaluation criteria in the future.

  3. Action plans for applying criteria in countries developed by all participants.

ILC will award seed funding of a maximum of 5000 USD to up to 4 selected action plans to use the gender evaluation criteria, to be presented on the last day of the training.

[1] The Global Land Tool Network (GLTN), with its Secretariat hosted at UN-HABITAT is an international network which consists of a number of international and regional partners involved in the land sector, from civil society, universities, professional associations, bilaterals and multi-laterals. ILC is a partner.

[2] The criteria explore how to judge the gender-responsiveness of a large-scale land tool, to identify where more work needs to be done, and possible entry-points to make a tool equally beneficial to women and men.

UN Grigiri Complex, Nairobi (Kenya)
Sabine Pallas (
International Land Coalition (ILC) in partnership with Global land Tools Network (GLTN)


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