[From AWID] This publication is one step towards building an awareness of the challenges and struggles experienced by women in particular places where companies are extracting wealth from the depths of the earth. The perspectives of these outspoken women on mining are rarely heard in international media, court rooms, parliamentary legislatures, or international policy development forums.

In the following pages, women provide first-hand accounts of the destructive impacts of the extractive industries on their health and livelihoods—and on that of their communities. They also call for a bold re-visioning of the current unsustainable industrial practices exhausting the earth’s finite natural resources. Women from around the world are putting the extractive industries on notice. They demand respect for human and environmental rights, a dignified basis of survival, and their communities’ right to determine when oil and minerals would be better left beneath the soil.

You can download this publication from the website of the International Women and Mining Network or below.