January 2008

These Regulations, made under section 67 of the Land Tenure Act, concerns procedures for allocation of plots of (agricultural) land and related matters. “Allocation” means the process used by the Government for the distribution or provision of a land as a right of occupancy or lease to an individual or a group of persons or legal persons or institutions and organizations. The Minister shall not allocate Land unless there is a site plan in the application file approved and signed by the Director of Survey and Urban Planning showing the actual demarcation of the of the parcel or parcels.

March 2009

This Act amends, among other things, the Land Act, 1999. Section 23 is amended by deleting word "two years" appearing in paragraph (b) of subsection (5) and substituting for it the word "five years." and a new savings provision in inserted. Section 23 concerns residential rights and incidents of land occupation.

Amends: Land Act, 1999 (No. 4 of 1999). (1999-05-15)

April 1930

Section 14 of the Land Ordinance is hereby amended by the substitution of the following for the last proviso thereto: “Provided that the Governor may without an auction grant a right of occupancy of a site for any church, chapel, mosque, school or other building used solely for religious or charitable purposes; for any cotton ginnery or cotton buying posts; for any purpose of Imperial Airways Limited, in carrying out any contract with His Majesty’s Government; for the purpose of giving effect to any licence to generate and supply electricity granted by the Government of the Territory; or fo

January 1923

All ungranted land is declared to be public land. Public land shall be at disposition and control of the Governor. The Governor in the exercise of the powers conferred upon him by this Ordinance in respect to any land shall have regard to the native laws and customs existing in the district in which such land is situated. It shall be lawful for the Governor: (a) to grant rights of occupancy to natives and non-natives; (b) To demand a rental for the use of any public lands granted to any native or non-native; (c) To revise the said rental at intervals of more than thirty-three years.

May 2016

This Code is made for the The Codes are made for Chairman of the District Land and Housing Tribunal. District Land and Housing Tribunals established under the Land Disputes Courts Act. The Code addresses, among other things, impartiality, diligence, and sanctions for breach of the Code.

Implements: Land Disputes Courts Act (Cap. 216). (2002)

June 2007

This Act makes provision with respect to the procedures and processes in accordance with which land use in a planning area or zone are prescribed, managed, monitored and evaluated. The Act sets out the fundamental principles of land use, establishes land use planning authorities and provides with respect to land planing procedures and authorizations.

National Policies
January 2007

The preparation of the Tanzania National Adaption Programme of Action plan is the result of the impacts of climate change on sectors such as agriculture, water, health, energy and others in 2007. Tanzania NAPA document is informed by the aspirations of National Development Vision 2025 for high and shared growth, quality livelihood, peace, stability and unity, good governance, high-quality education and global competitiveness. The NAPA preparatory process involved the participation of many stakeholders.

June 2008

This Act provides rules for the generation, storage and distribution of electricity in Tanzania. It contains a Part dedicated to rural electrification. The Act assigns duties to the Minister responsible for electricity matters and the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA).The Minister shall develop, in collaboration with the Rural Energy Agency, a Rural Electrification Plan and Strategy. Licences for the generation, transmission, supply, etc. of electricity shall be granted by EWURA.

December 2008

This Act makes provision for the creation and registration of unit property, defines rights and obligations of holders of unit titles and provides for the management of unit property and the resolution of disputes.Provisions of this Act concern, among other things: common property, division of units, boundaries of units, the unit plan, by-laws governing the common property, implied easements, leases of unit property, sale of unit property, mortgage and the establishment of an association to manage the unit property.The ownership of common areas of the property shall be divided into fraction