Latin America and the Caribbean

The recent World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty, held this past March in Washington D.C., provided a unique opportunity to reflect on collective land tenure reforms not only from a research point of view, but also from that of governments.

Reports & Research
May 2017

Source: Farmlandgrab

Veuillez trouver ci-joint une nouvelle publication intitulée “Accaparement de terres et droits humains: Le rôle des acteurs européens à l’étranger.” Ce document contient plusieurs examples de cas d’Afrique. En plus, il contient des recommandations de mesures à prendre par l’Union européenes et ses Etats membres pour arrêter et prévenir l’accaparement des terres et promouvoir les droits humains.

International Conventions or Treaties
May 2008

A Assembléia Geral, Tomando nota da recomendação que figura na resolução 1/2 do Conselho dos Direitos Humanos, de 29 de junho de 2006, na qual o Conselho aprovou o texto da Declaração das Nações Unidas sobre os Direitos dos Povos Indígenas, Recordando sua resolução 61/178, de 20 de dezembro de 2006, em que decidiu adiar o exame e a adoção de medidas sobre a Declaração a fim de dispor de mais tempo para seguir realizando consultas a respeito, e decidiu também concluir o exame da Declaração antes de que terminasse o sexagésimo-primeiro período de sessões, Aprova a Declaração das Nações Unidas

5 May 2017

In a joint initiative between the Land Portal Foundation and the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) called Enhancing Land Portal as an Effective Tool for Strategic Promotion and Campaigning Around SDG Land Monitoring Initiatives, the Land Portal  is looking for a Consultant to review and develop content on land and the SDGs as well as presenting it online in a clear and communicative way.

Reports & Research
April 2017

Increased private sector investment in tropical agriculture has created both hopes and fears for rural livelihoods in low- and middle-income countries. One of the major challenges is in empowering rural people to make informed choices, exercise their rights and have their voices heard when dealing with the government or the private sector.