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Mekong Region Resources

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Open Development Mekong

A centralized open data and open knowledge platform on development issues, including land. Land information can also be explored in relation to other sectoral themes, such as environment, agriculture, and extractive industries. The platform encompasses country level sites:  Open Development Cambodia and Open Development Myanmar.

RCSD Mekong Land Research Forum

An academic-oriented site pulling together research on key themes around land governance in the Mekong region.


Global Resources

Land Portal Library

Search the Land Portal Library here.

Open Contracts

An online repository of land-related company contracts.  Includes Cambodia, but not yet any other Mekong country. 

Open Corporates

World's largest open database of companies. Makes information on companies more usable and more widely available for the public benefit, particularly to tackle the use of companies for criminal or anti-social purposes.

Global Index on Open Data

A comparison of open data available from governments around the world. Cambodia, Myanmar, and Thailand are included in the index.






Discover a range of organizations involved in land issues. These include government agencies, businesses, international organizations, and civil society groups, involved in land issues.



The Mekong Regional Land Governance is grant-making and technical partnership organization contributing to the design of appropriate land policies and practice across the Mekong region, responding to national priorities to secure and make good decision on land use and land management.  


Inclusive Development International

Inclusive Development International supports front-land activists by building the capacity of local organizations and community and through research and casework that includes  “Follow the Money”  approaches.




Access a wide range of tools to aid your research and analysis, organizing, and advocacy.

Investigation and Research Tools

Open and Linked Data Tools and Resources